Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The results are in - Brian Gilbert - You are an IRONMAN!!!

Seriously - this is a TOUGH way to earn that title!!!

Ironman CDA was Sunday and the beach start there is VERY tight.

The swim temperature was also 55 degrees so I am sure everyone was huddled together to stay warm...anyway - Brian had a great train up and was looking for a great race and here is his recap:

Hey Man, Thanks! Not a great day but I'm glad it's behind me. I'll fill you in later in the week......I'm packing up and heading home this afternoon. Long story short, 2 mins into the swim, crack! broken nose.......blood everywhere (if it was ocean swim i'd have quit for fear of sharks).....the cold water was probably good for immediate numbness Didn't really have too much trouble on the bike, the course is definitely challenging but I made sure to dial it back a bit on the 2nd lap. The run, well, that's another story, too much pounding and I just didn't have anything. Thanks for the note, definitely look forward to a couple days off.

CONGRATS again Brian - you also get the WTFU award!!!

Congrats also to the West Coast Shawn Burke - 10:44:09 - NICE JOB!!!

This is getting kind of Seinfeld bizaro world strange - I raced there last year and went 10:49:24 - cue the Twilight zone music :)

In keeping with the concept of it is better to ask forgiveness than permission, Lyndon Box also raced this weekend and CRUSHED IT!!!

He was 3rd Overall in Jax Tri Series and 2nd in Marineland... Congrats Lyndon!!!

Hey wait a minute - you did ask me and I think I said it was not a good idea - see - just goes to show you - what do I know? apparentently not too much :)

For the Shaved leg tough guys - Karel was in LaGrange for a TT, Crit and Road Race...He took 5th in the TT, 4th in the Crit and 2nd in the RR - AWESOME!!! Enjoy the time off!!!

Last - and speaking of cyclists - the future Mr. Phelps turned in his goggles and his training wheels - Look out Lance.

Thanks Curtis and Miles - the no pedals trick worked perfectly - that was the KEY!!!

Do they make Newtons in size 1? :)

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Shawn Burke said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Hmmm, maybe I should try to get myself into IMAZ next year. :)