Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Results and rants

The results are in and Velocity just killed it last weekend!!!

I am sure I will miss someone but I hope not to - but when I do – I apologize.

This is all YO MTV unplugged style again from 35K above the Gulf of Mexico flying back from Houston – more on this is a few.

Hello Angels – Hello Charlie!!!


First props go to the angels – JC, Joy and Kellie. Joy named them this and I love it…in the BFAS - JC 2nd Overall, Joy 1st in AG, Kellie 1st in AG – nice job angels!!!

Mayo Nation showed up in force with Steve, Tyler and Michael all having GREAT results – I am pretty sure that this is their 3rd race ever for all 3 – they all have speed and just wait until they have more experience!!!

Mixing it up for the Overall and the AG places were James Sweeney (2nd Overall), Billy Hart (2nd AG), Sean Crichton and Lyndon Box – Congrats guys.

Later on Saturday, JC and Joy both backed up their BFAS races in the Run for the pies 5K where JC went sub 18 for 2nd overall and Joy did great with a 20:35. Vann Simmons has been logging a LOT of miles training for IM Wisconsin and did a great job representing the VMS men – nice race Vann.

The shaved leg tough guys were in Ocala for the State Road Race and Curtis, Jeff and Karel all did great. Curtis took 2nd on Saturday and Karel was 9th on Sunday and Jeff 15th. Awesome results guys – enjoy the down time – you earned it.

FL_State_RR (65)

FL_State_RR_team meeting

Evan was the unlucky victim as they cancelled the Cat V race due to thunderstorms… look for him in the Jax Cycling Classic which is back on the schedule for Aug.

Coming next weekend – IM CDA – Brian Gilbert will be racing and he should have a great race – good luck Brian. Also, Shawn Burke from Washington will be racing – good luck Shawn.

Karel will solo up in Georgia racing in the Georgia Cup and I think Jim will be teaming it up for the Jax Tri Series – good luck.

I am sure that I missed someone – I hope not and if I did - it was NOT intentional.

Hello Houston – we have a problem – a 35,000 foot 4:30 rant :)

Freddie – this is mostly for you.

To say I have gotten to experience peaks and valley’s of traveling over the last 24 hours is an understatement.

I got to Houston in time to check in and watch the final 3 holes of the US open while finishing some emails. It was incredible sport!!! I love to watch Tiger. Definite Peak.


The room I had was fantastic – a Westin Workout room complete with weights, exercise ball, yoga mat and a – YES – a real spin bike – this place rocked.

It even had DVD’s and DVD player (not that kind- Hercules) – they were Yoga and cycling. I could not get over the attention to detail – they even had a Clorox wipes for Mr. Howard and Starbucks Coffee :) Peak!!!


I had a great workout – made a big puddle and created three new workouts aptly titled Trainer Pain I, II, III – all designed to push the mental threshold and they work - but more on this in another post.


I was in surgery all morning and the early afternoon with one of the best heart surgery teams in the US and probably the world, Texas Heart. They were using a device we created for closing the chest after the cut it (midline sternotomy).

Anyway – case went great…patient is doing great…HUGE PEAK!!! (This pays for my bikes:)

My plan was to be done by noon and hop on a direct flight at 2:15 – slight delays and this is not working out so well. Small Valley.

So – I miss my flight.

No other flights available with seats so I get on the standby list. I get the last seat on the plane (Peak) – get on the plane as the last passenger.

Now it gets good.

I get to my seat and someone is in it.

I ask her nicely what seat she has and she pretends she doesn’t know…

Then it gets really good.

She just tells me to take hers – the window seat – in the corner of the plane.

To avoid conflict – I do.

It is next to a VERY large shouldered guy who is trying as hard as possible to shrink himself as together we are ended up in the aisle…I later find out he plays for the Jags.

I then proceed to get told off by this same lady who happened to have plopped her butt in my seat as I apparently did not seem overly happy with her solution…

I listen to her tell me off – I say nothing.

She is still not happy so she packs up all of her stuff and says that she wants her seat back.

I try to say – it’s no problem but she makes me move…

The guy sitting next to me says, “Yo man – I would just move if I were you”

All of this and I am working on 4 hours sleep and I am pretty cranky.

Besides – I am just embarrassed that this is happening and I just decide to continue to say nothing to further this.

Now everyone is uncomfortable and the weather is closing in.

We sit on the ground for 2:20 minutes while we move only 50-100 yards and this lady’s 2 incredibly spoiled kids are creating more drama than a Springer show.

Blankets are flying…pillows are flying…pens are flying – there is screaming yelling and crying.

The lady in front of her kids actually stood up and said – “Lady Can you please control your kids.”

I, of course, love this as the true character of this pretentious spoiled SoCal mom with way too much money and meds is beginning to be seen by all around.

She may have had them fooled with her plastic smile – but not me…it is now my official mantra – Reality is Reality and screw them all if they don’t see it…I just saw it first :)

So Ms. Bad Overteased Eyebrow Barbie mom – we all now you meant to take my seat and had no intention of moving as you really wanted to be farther away from these BRATS!!!

We are finally up in the sky and my journey home is starting to become more real than surreal.

The flight attendant announces that they will be serving a small in flight snack – Turkey and Tuna sandwiches. I laugh as I have NOT eaten Tuna in like 20 years since I spent 3 days in the bathroom in Monterey CA after a bad fish lunch and I am in the last row – the last seat – right next to the bathroom…

What is left – you guessed it – Tuna surprise.


Life is about highs and lows and if yesterday and this morning where a highs – the homeostasis of my being is now complete as it just doesn’t get any better than this :)

I live by the half full glass mentality and also with the knowledge that it can’t get much worse…tomorrow has got to be better…

Brat #2 just spilled her soda – twice – I laugh my a$$ off and again am renewed :)

My low battery light just came on – I guess I will sit and listen to a chorus of are we there yet, are we there yet, are we (computer died – big time valley :)

(This is written today – the next morning but I am still laughing)

As I am walking down the terminal to get my car – I see the guy I originally sat next to (Jag’s player)…

I say “Hey man – sorry about that – I tried to stay seated but…”

He cuts me off…and starts to go off about the kids.

“That was the worst 4 hours of my life…I feel sick…I need a shower…those are the worst kids I have ever seen…and don’t you even smile at me…I should beat the crap out of you for moving…man…that was awful…If I had kids!!!”

He just shakes his head…I am still laughing…

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