Thursday, August 6, 2009

It’s my blog and I'll brag if I want to :)

I can’t begin to count the number of times I have written this entry in my head.

It was “going to be” about a million different things…now I would be happy to have it only about 3 :)

From youngest to oldest…

Coen (aka Bone, aka C-Bone) learned to surf…no…not fake – REAL and it was awesome to see.

Curtis, Lisa, Miles (their son) accompanied Drew to the Sunrise Surf Shop Ultra-grom surf school and I got there just in time to see his “heat”.

He stood a bunch of times and rode in a few good waves!!!

Miles was stoked as well and I can see a conversation about Costa Rica and passports in my future :)

Josh (aka Baby Burke) has been quietly building his skills and fitness in the two wheeled world.

He started with BMX in the skate parks, then the woods for MTB skills and now he is trying his luck at the Crit world. He is sliding down the slippery slope and I could not be happier :)

We had a chance to “test” him the xTerra race at Hanna Park where Josh threw down a top 10 bike split of the day. Anchoring the team with the fastest run of the day Billy Hart – Hart Transportation – we get there FAST!!!

We were 6th overall and won the relay division.

Shane loves to surf…

he is actually VERY good but I find great humor in asking him every time he comes home “Did you stand up?”

I find it funny.

Anyway…Shane is also a VERY good swimmer. He is a “natural” and I say that for two reasons…one…his stroke and body work well together…two…he is very good despite NOT TRAINING :)

If the dude only trained, OMG!!!

Anyway, Shane took it to the pool in the city swim meet at Episcopal High School a few weeks ago and came home with some fast times taking 1st in the 50 free by nearly a body length. It was awesome to watch!!!

Someone sent us a picture (not sure who) of Shane coming off the blocks…

I think I was EXACTLY his age when this shot was taken of me…I liked the similarities.

So – old man – fast kid – what is left but to race? :)

The Ocean Marathon is a 2.5 Mile Swim point to point. It is a LONG race :)

Shane is a sprinter…I get to chose the venue – I picked this :)

We started off with the usual smack talk…normally it’s him telling me, “Careful out here old man, these waves are big, you might break your hip.” This time is was all me running my mouth :)

“What’s the farthest you have EVER swum?”

“You know there are no flip turns?”

I worked him like a rib and for good reason…I was a little worried…this is my distance, he does 50’s…I know I will lose eventually but I would prefer it was not this year - held off the youngster by close to 3:00 and I was REALLY impressed that he swam as good as he did. That is a LONG race and not easy to pace – he did GREAT and will definitely school me next year :)

There are a lot of things that my parents taught Miah and I growing up. This is not their quote (I think it is actually from Dean Karnazes) but they lived it... "Adventure begins when you walk outside…”

I am very proud that I have instilled these same beliefs in the Boyz :)