Friday, October 24, 2008

Geeked up Geek seeks race for pain :)

I never start to write these blogs unless I am really “in the mood” as writing these are fun for me.

I have been working on a “geeky” entry for a few days in my head but now I am on a plane from Boston to Jax I am relaxed, awake and motivated to write…but instead I will save the geek stuff for later.

…here is something for the geeked up non-geeks :)

7 days until Florida and I finally understand what Rich says – “I can’t wait for the gun to go off.”


I am finally REALLY excited for a race.

Excited, not anxious, which is really different for me and exactly how I want to feel.

This is totally different from other big races I have done over the years.

I don’t even really care about time (as long as it’s really fast :)) or my place (as long as I get a medal :))…

SERIOUSLY – I just want to go hard and test myself to see what I can do on a course that suits us flatlanders.

I think I understand why people like to race in Hawaii so much.


It is THE proving ground.

It is the strongest field of any race in the world for the year.

No exception – it is that stacked a field.

To win in Hawaii is to really be the best in the World on that day.

It is THE place to test yourself.

I heard the coolest line about Chrissy Wellington’s Hawaii win.

The commentators where talking about how she could have easily “cruised” to a win as she had a huge lead coming off the bike.

BUT, she didn’t cruise it at all. She ran a 2:58!!!


Was she hurting – YEAH – then why not slow down?

Who did she do that for?

They would say she ran it for herself and I agree completely – she wanted to test herself on the biggest stage in the World and on the toughest course – to measure herself. To see if she could go under 3:00 and she did.

Maybe that’s what we all want? To set a goal and measure ourselves and find out what we have.

To go to the well and see how much is left. To look into the mirror of self doubt and pain and instead of being scared…you look it in the eye and stare it down and then you push on.

I may have included this before but to me it’s a great reason for why we do what we do…

It’s from a local pro cyclist who I know…and...he has game!!!

“I race my bike because it is hard. Everything in our lives comes easy or is handed to us. We are living off of the bounty of our forefathers. Fast food, cheap gas, 200 cable channels and high speed internet. Americans work hard, but we are in no real danger. We have never truly been hungry. For the most part, we have never wanted for anything that we actually needed. When my legs and lungs are burning, my heart is in my throat and I see two of everything, it is just a little reminder of what it is like to struggle. It is a daily reminder to keep fighting.”

So – for me – that makes sense.

For me, there will be no 2:58 off the bike – not this weekend - probably not in my future ever… but I hope to run a REALLY strong marathon.

For me…off the bike next weekend – 3:22:59 or better would be great. Ideally the run will be one where I push it to the point that I might pop and then just back off a smidge right up until the end.

It’s interesting to me to see how different people approach a race and how even the same person can race the same race so differently depending on their goals.

bike 027

I’ve been coaching Paul Cantin for a few years (he is client #1) and I was FLOORED at his Clearwater race 2 years ago. He went out really hard in the swim, rode really hard and ran really hard. What’s the big deal – right? This was like his 3rd half Ironman and he had no idea how he was going to feel at the end.

He just went for it.

His result – almost a 1 hour PR. It takes a LOT of guts to “race” that hard no matter what the distance but especially in a Half Ironman or a Full when the downside of screwing it up is so much greater. You don’t get a 1 hour PR by pushing it hard the last few miles – it is a commitment from the gun to the end…that’s GAME!!!

For the winners – that’s how it’s done. That’s how Faris races. That’s how Macca races.


They asked Macca about 2006 when he took 2nd to Norman Stadler and they said if he had 1 more mile he would have beat him.


Macca’s reply – one more mile and I would have DNF’d (did not finish) – that was all I had in the tank.

So – that’s how I plan to race this coming weekend – EMPTY at the finish line…hopefully not before it – doing it like Chrissy (for myself) and like Paul (hard from the gun) and hopefully I will end up where I want – at the finish line with the only energy left in my body is to smile wide and know I left it all on the course…


I may not end up with a PR or a 3:22 or anything but I can promise you this…It will not be because I didn’t try…Medals or Medical…I am SO looking forward to this and yes I's gonna hurt :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nung ROCKS!!!

Now you see him...


Now you don't...


This made my day!!!

Nung is a good friend and graphics artist he has SKILLS!!!

I was really bummed about my finish photo as the Green Lantern was still doing his dance when I crossed...

No more Green Lantern thanks to Nung.

I was going to ask him to fix the time but then I that for later :)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aloha V

I wish I could paint this scene with words but my ability to express the emotions and sights of the day could not possibly do justice to the experience…

It’s not really my fault…

I went to Clemson and most of the time people add at P to the spelling so not a degree that speaks for itself….and no…people don’t ask how to spell Harvard. :)

If I was to try to sum up my 1st time Kona experience in one sentence I would have to say,

“It was hard and it was awesome.”


For those of you who may want to know more…kick back, put your feet up, relax and read on…

it’s long and it’s probably boring so hit “window – M” when your boss walks by…

or Alt-F4 if your done before I am :)

Right now, we are on the plane flying home and I really have no idea what time it is supposed to be.

The lights are low in the cabin and traveling East brings a sunset that seems oddly backwards.

All vacations have to end but this one could have lasted a few more days.

I have never felt more at home in a town where I only spent a few days as I did in Kona. Maybe it’s the tri-geek in me, maybe it’s the people, maybe it was the event, the history or the “energy” of island but it is REALLY an incredible place and I definitely want to go back next year as an athlete or as a volunteer, it was really that cool.

Ironman finishes bring a sense of mellow that I very rarely experience in my type “A” personality.

For a few days my to-do list is empty and I actually relax. I think that might have a lot to do with why I do this but that’s probably another blog entirely or a least a 4 or 5 part Dr. Phil mini series. :)

For purposes of time, let’s just say, I am more than completely content and very happy.

The Hawaiian influenced rhythms of Jack Johnson are my iTunes sound track and all my shakra’s are in line and I am typing away at 38000 feet.

Surprisingly, I am not feeling too bad from the race with the exception of my left heal and arch and that is from today.

I tried to take C-Bone swimming again this morning at the pier and when his snorkel started to leak about 100 yards from shore and he got pretty excited. I knew he was fine but he wasn’t as sure and being that we were only in chest deep water I decided it was a good idea to stand up and try to fix the problem. I planted my left foot squarely on a black sea urchin and took about 20 spines into my heel.


I asked a number of locals what to do and they all say the same thing…pee on it…I thought…nice.

I think 5 out of 5 locals all said the same thing. I even asked an older woman working in a bike shop and she confirmed the same treatment. So, I did and it was not easy.

I went 140.6 miles and almost no issues…

1 leaky snorkel and I have been trying to ex-plant spines for like 3 hours. I now have it down to 7 left in there…more surgery tomorrow…by the way…these things HURT – A LOT !!!

So where do I start…

The entire “scene” of the race is bigger than anything I have been associated with in any venue. The 70.3 championship in Clearwater has the same scent but not nearly as strong a flavor. It tries but Kona is the “real deal”…kinda like Starbucks Kona Blend…it’s good but the real Kona Coffee – that is like rocket fuel and costs like $20-$50 a pound if you can believe that.

My race day started when I got up at 3:45am and started pounding coffee to clear my head from too many meds. 3 Advil PM and 2 Xanex and I still could only get to sleep at 11pm.

I am going to see if Matt Bargas can knock me out prior to Florida – I can’t keep racing like this – it is really not good.

Hercules drove me to Hualalai road which is the “hot corner” and dropped me off and I drunkenly stumbled to the King Kam.

Walking into the area I heard Mike Riley say – “Good morning…and it’s going to be a great day. For all of you walking in right now take a good look at the finish line. We’ll be here all day to make sure you make it back here.” Mike always says the coolest things but being superstitious I didn’t look at the finish line…


Body marking is in the back of the hotel and it is a lot like a NY fashion show with all of the photog’s snapping the pro’s.

Being SIGNIFICANTLY medicated, read as stoned, I hid from all of the press (not that anyone was looking for a comment from me) and tried as best I could to not talk with anyone as I was really that out of it and not sure what exactly I would say.

From there, I headed over to transition and found my bike.

The NBC crew was everywhere and filming everything so again I did my best Joey Buttafuko and hid from the camera’s…

After I checked my tires and filled up my bottles got the hell outta there.

I went and did the normal porto pottie dance with the other 1800 athletes as I figured nobody is gonna film a porto pot line :)

After 2 trips and 20 minutes in line I decided I could probably find a better spot and went back to the back area where the opening ceremony was and there was no line and a dozen very clean mean green latrines….

I felt a significant sense of accomplishment…hey – this is World Championship and I won the Porto Pottie line race :)

I went out front of the King Kam hotel to try and sleep off the rest of my sleep meds.

I’m not sure how long I was out for but when I woke up I jumped up and C-bone and the crew were just walking up.


Perfect timing!!!


On a certain level Ironman is an emotional experience as much as it is an athletic event and to have those people who you love and respect around you makes it much easier to find the comfort you need in the harder moments.

So, to Hercules and Lisa, Andi and Bone, Mike and Debbie – thank you for being “the local crew”.


It was great having you there and it made me focus…I think I was the only one of the course who had people cheering for them saying, “You look great – now slow down!!!”


Paul, I wish you could have been there but your advice was in my head all day and it was PERFECT – really – I owe you for that one!!!

The start was “opened” by David Goggins and a fellow Seal jumping into the pier from a C130 and then going into body marking…pretty wild way to start an Ironman.


I had a chance to talk with both of them on the course and again after the race and both of these guys are really cool. David had the greatest line in the Energy lab…he was running in and I was running out and he says…”Where the F is the turn around…man…I thought it was right here – now that just sucks.” This is the guy who ran 135 miles through Death Valley in 120 degree weather and finished 5th…the dude is actually kind of scary as I seriously don’t think the guy feels pain.

John Blaze’s Mom and Dad stood on the pier next to Mike Reilly as they did the opening prayer and National Anthem. I have met both of them before and they are just incredible people and John really inspires me and so many other people – they got props on mile 25 – they are really special. I heard that Chrissy Wellington actually did a Blazeman roll in winning the Woman’s race – good for you Chrissy.

At 6:45am the pros went off and we moved into the water.

The seeding for the swim is something I have never experienced in ANY triathlon I have ever raced and I am sure I have done over 100 maybe 200.

I kept getting pushed back farther from the front after enough fighting, I decided the 3rd row was fine. I was WRONG!!!

The cannon went off and I ended up going 1 hour 04 minutes of a full contact MMA fight with Tito Ortiz’s sister except instead of a gee she was wearing a Blue Seventy speed suit and goggles. Kicked, scratched, hit, kicked again and then swam under, swam over, held down, elbowed – you name it. It was really scary and I am a pretty confident swimmer.

Apparently I was not the only one who thought the swim was over the top. I had a chance to yap with Bob Babbitt and his wife this morning at the pier after his morning swim. I told him how much I enjoyed his pod cast and the work he does with CAF. The guy is really cool and genuinely nice.

He asked me how my race went and I said I though the race was awesome but that I thought the swim was brutal.

He said that David Goggins was complaining about how rough the swim start was too and this dude went through Buds…I glad to know I wasn’t the only one who got the crap beat out of me.

Transition was uneventful and I did a complete Cher style wardrobe change into bike gear as I was not in to much of a hurry and I wanted to be comfortable.

The 1st 30 miles of the bike were really easy and then at 30 miles and exactly 1 hill later it was GAME ON!!! At the top of the hill near Waikoloa it started blowing like 20-30mph and speed went from 24 to 12 just like that.

The next 4:30 for me was almost all headwinds. When I did have a tailwind it was cross and it was close to impossible to ride aero as I was getting blown all over the road.

I think my meds were still in my system as I could not stop channeling Jack Black from Kung Fu Panda walking through the sacred shrine.

“Ah…the famous winds of Hawi…these have been known to blow riders from their bikes.”

Hey – it made me laugh.

Heading into Hawi I watched the Men’s pro race unfold and when they passed me Sindballe was in the lead and Chris Lieto was 30 seconds to a minute back.


Faris was chasing and then came the pace line. I kept looking for Macca but I couldn’t find him. Around 5-6 minutes later I saw a support van and I saw him in the back. I was really surprised as I would have bet a lot he would have won again.

The climb into Hawi was long and really hard. 1 hour with really strong head/cross winds and 200-220 watts got me only 10-12 MPH.

After the turn around and quick sip of Red Bull at special needs, we got the descent and a tailwind for 15-20 minutes.

I tried to take advantage of it but I was too nervous to ride it and just coasted at 32-34 and tried to stay on the road with the gusts.

After Kawaihae and the turn back on the Queen K, the headwinds were back but a lot lighter (10-15mph) and I was able to hold 18-19 at 200-210 watts.


I figured at that pace I had a good chance at finishing right at 6:00 but the headwinds picked up again and I made it to T2 after 6:06 on the bike…I have to check but I am hoping like hell I outsplit Saswata or I get the driving Miss Daisy award for slowest IM Bike split.

Getting off the bike I felt descent and my legs were heavy but not trashed at all.

Another COMPLETE Cher wardrobe change, yes Chrissy, I did hear you notice and thank you for noticing my fashion sense. :)

I have to give props to Zoot and their new line of compression gear – it ROCKS - !!!

I seriously think this is the “next thing” and I really would recommend it to anyone.

Off on the run I just tried to listed to my Midget Coach without a License (MCWOAL) and concentrated on form – forefoot strike, good turnover and relaxed shoulders and not making any decisions on pace until 15 minutes or 2 miles.

Mile 1 was 7:40 and I thought – wow – that felt really ok.

Mile 2 was around 8:00 and I said this feels perfect and I’ll just hold this effort and see what it gets.

Mile 4.5 was our house and I got a big high V from the bone.


From 5 to 10 it was absolutely perfect running weather and fans and then up Palani hill and on to the Queen K.

I chose not to run here all week so I would be excited to do it and it is an mind trick like no other. A highway with Lava and heat and no one cheering – that is EXACTLY what I wanted :)

With the hills and a pee break I more held 8:00-8:15’s til the end and really felt good the whole way to a 3:35 and change which I was really happy with.

The last 6 miles I did my usual thank you run and thought of all the people that were special in my life.

This idea came from Rob Johnson a few years ago and I have used it EVERYTIME since then. 1 mile to my friends, 1 mile to extended family, 1 for each of my sons and that last one for me and anyone that inspires me.

I know this is going to sound really strange but at mile 22 I really thought, “oh no…only 4 more miles and this is done, that sucks.” I wanted the feeling to continue as I was having a blast. At mile 24 that changed and I thought – “ok - that’s enough – I ready to be done” :)

Heading down Palani and then to Alii is really like everyone says, really incredible.

The finish line is 500-1000 yard chute of people cheering and giving you high fives.

I got busted by someone for fixing my hair…I was doing it and some guy yells, “Hey man – fix that hair – there are camera up ahead…” I just laughed and said – you caught me…


The only “negative” if there was one was the dancing Euro man in front of me in lime green who I now get to share my finish line photo with forever but I think Nung can fix that…


So…that’s it…

…and if you read this in one sitting I should have kept to the rule that that the race recap can’t be longer than the race itself and unless you too went to Clem-”P”-son or it took you longer than 10:59 to read this – we are all good :)

By the way, I did know where I was on time and yes I pressed it a little as 10 anything sounds MUCH better than 11 anything :)

I will close with this…

Congrats to Kevin Neal, Susan Wallis, JT (Jeff Tomaszewski) and Kevin Terranella on great races!!!

1st…I would like to thank my sponsors, KLS Martin and Karl – you guys allow me to pay my bills and give me the time and flexible schedule to train which is fantastic… Mike and Debbie – thanks for coming over and thanks for hanging with the Bone, he had a blast.


2nd …Jaggad triathlon suits – you guys always rock and my butt doesn’t hurt which is a good thing :)

3rd …yes I am a whore for free gear and I did pose for this…if anyone knows anyone at Zoot and can get me a hook up – they can use my photo :)


Last and definitely not least…to C-bone – you made the trip!!!



To Shane and Josh – congrats on the great swim and fantastic place in diving – sorry I missed the meet…to Andi and the rest of my family – thanks for the support, to Hercules and Lisa, the entire VMS crew, my MCWOAL, my friends who called, texted, emailed and tracked us online…thanks for all the well wishes…


To Alan Couzens, my coach, your are the man!!! I have never felt more ready to race and being two days out, I am better recovered than ever. I can't wait to smack the crap outta FL and bring home a really fast time for ya...then it's your turn in AZ...I will be cheering for you. Seriously, thanks for all the help and I really think you have "the formula".

I will definitely try to be back in 2009 and with some luck – I might just get there…

This was hard – this was awesome…


Now it’s time to bring on the pain – IM Florida baby – Nov 1st - 3 weeks and a 3:22 – medals or medical – I dig this :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Aloha IV

It’s Friday evening and it is really great weather here in Kona – warm with light winds and the sun has been hiding.

The last couple of days have been really hazy and if this holds and the winds stay light as they are forecast then look for some BLAZING fast times from the Pro Men.

Unless the winds come up, I would bet on a Macca versus Alexander showdown on the run. I would love to see Chris Lieto or Norman get in the mix but unless the bike course is hard, I would guess they won’t get enough of an advantage to hold off the runners.

The woman’s race is being considered by everyone as sure bet for a Wellington win and a quote from Norman, It’s going to be a long way back to 2nd place woman.

So, that’s about it.

All the bikes are turned in, the bags checked (actually rechecked 4 times – good boy Howard:)) and now it just chill time.

The prep is done… only thing I am not looking forward to is eating the worst meal of the year – Ironman Breakfast :)

So, I will close with this…

I am sure tomorrow will bring challenges and I am looking forward to the test.

This has been a goal of mine from my days at Lawrence High School Swimming and it is great to finally be here.

That being said, I would trade all of the excitement that tomorrow will undoubtedly bring for the most special time I have had in LONG TIME…I got to share an INCREDIBLE tide pool walk…hand in hand….with my little big man…


I hope the finish line will be great – but C-bone has made my trip perfect…already…and I am content :)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aloha III

It is Wednesday night here in Kona and what a week it has been so far.

I have often said that I get to write my blogs from the nicest places in the world and this one is no exception. My feet are up…the sun is going down and the green flash smiles back at us as we toast another great day.


Let’s catch you up…

Yesterday was a good training day with a 2:30 ride up toward Hawi and 30 minute run. The bike course was a REAL eye opener and I really can’t believe how hard you must ride to do a 4:18. It was really amazing to see how many rollers are on the course. The weirdest part is the road looks like it going up and you’re actually descending – the optical illusions are amazing. I can’t get over it.

Did some sight seeing and hiked down to a black sand beach past Hawi. It was a ways off the beaten path but worth it.


Went to the Parade of Nations last night and that was cool. It is the opening of the expo as well so I got some bling…


Today was a REALLY good swim followed by a 5 mile tempo run with the last 2 at AT pace and then on to registration.

I am sure that everyone is getting bored by now of me going on about how great the swim venue is here but it just that good I have to do this again. This morning was even better than Monday. I could seriously swim everyday here it is just that cool.



I headed out at 7:45 for a 45 minute swim with a few accelerations and at 7:55 I had a swim partner just about hit me in the nose with his nose.


This turtle scared the crap out of me as he seriously swam right up to me and as I went to breath – he was like 1 foot away from my nose.


I stopped – we chatted and I went on to finish my swim.


10 more minutes and a dolphin and her baby swam about 25-30 feet under me and later 3 dolphins were swimming in formation underneath the “course”.

I really didn’t want to turn around at 22:30 but I could not see the next marker and me starting to feel a little like bait as the crowd really thins the farther out on the course you go.

Coming in to the pier I hooked up with 2 women’s “pros” wearing long john Blue Seventy suits and Splish bathing caps. I paced with them for 5-10 minutes felt pretty good about myself. After a few minutes, they stopped and chatted with each other for like 10 seconds and they were gone. No really – GONE!!! I stroked hard and tried to stay close or even close but I couldn’t. It was like she had a motor…I was humbled and went back to swimming easy and watching for my buddy the turtle.

Speaking of Pro’s the sightings are really getting pretty common place…so far for me…I saw Norman Stadler when I was riding, Faris when I was riding, Macca at the morning swim, Chris Lieto out running on Alii, Sam McGlone (not racing due to injury) at the swim this morning, Natasha last night and I even had a chance to say hello and chat with Phil White of Cervelo.


They were here showing off there new P4 and it’s really cool.


That’s not the only hot bike at the expo as Ridley had their new TT, the new Fugi looks great, the Scott and the TTX all look super fast and bombproof. There are like 5 Euro brands I have seen around and they also look good.

Tomorrow is a really easy day of just rest and sightseeing. I probably will swim – the turtle and I have a date for coffee…I am not sure if you have heard but they actually have a FREE espresso bar on the swim course.



I know I know enough about the swim :)


This company is TOO COOL and I will definitely try and support them with a few beans for their beans before I leave. Coffee’s of Hawaii and Albert Boyce (their CEO and an AG triathlete that is always in the top ranks) has built a brand that is tied to what he does and loves. Good for you Albert.

Last but DEFINITELY not least...

C-bone’s smile has faded a little but only because he has found that it is hard to smile and snorkel at the same time. The dude seriously spent 4 hours in the water snorkeling today.


I pulled him around the swim course for around 1000M and he held on to my feet until he wanted to stop and then he just let go and would float. The dude seriously loves his fish. We took a break – had some lunch and went back in for another session. I have no doubt that he will be a diver as soon as he can get certified.

That’s about all for now…ALMOST FORGOT…

Hercules is cooking Chicken and I am sure he will have some applesauce to go with it…

By the way…he is adopting the euro fashion standards of “anything”goes…


This is us right before our “jog” tonight…all he needs is compression socks :)


I am outta here…more to follow on Friday…

Aloha III for now…

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aloha II

The balance of the universe has been restored and all is right with the world…the congress bailed out the market…OJ was found guilty and Curtis Long got 2nd :)

This is a running joke with Curtis and me that he has had more 2nd place finishes than anyone else I know and probably anyone else in the Pro 1, 2 ranks this year.

This type of consistency is what makes Curtis a true professional…he also scored back to back wins earlier this season – two in the same day – that is something. His last 2nd place podium was this past weekend in the SC State TT Championships and Curtis jammed through the 40K rolling course to a average speed of over 26MPH.

One more race weekend to go then it is time to take some much needed rest. Congrats on the finish and good luck next weekend.

On the Tri side, imagine getting to do a “destination” race with a LOT of friends and it only is 30 minutes from home.

The Atlantic Coast Triathlon was held this weekend in Fernandina and it was a great inaugural event. It really hard to get it completely right the 1st time and DRC Sports did a really good job and got 95% perfect but the other 5% - well – that was a “D-“.

What did they get right? The venue was really good – nice area – lots of room for transition – the “expo” and check in all looked very clean and well run. The swim was choppy but what are you gonna do about that? The bike was scenic and very fair but a little dicey when the Olympic distance athletes turned left in front of ½ distance racers going straight – not a good idea. The run was really good with a challenging 3 mile 1st portion of the course that led to 9 miles that had lots of shade.

The biggest blunder was Hercules asking Saswata to zip him up - no wonder his back hurts!!! :) Really - the biggest problem of the day was on the run course marking and sending the Olympic distance runners out the wrong way but its spilled milk and sorry to say but it didn’t affect me so I wasn’t too upset :)


ON to results…

I don’t think I went 5 or 10 minutes without seeing and hearing from friends and giving them splits.

Here are the results:

OA Female

3 4:55:45.4 Jennifer Hanley-Pinto

Masters Female
1 5:40:47.8 Stacie Hernandez Master Female 3 5:50:10.8 Millie Tanner

Masters Male 1 4:34:48.0 Shawn Burke
Masters Male 2 4:40:26.8 Don Packard

Age group
1 5:09:42.7 Gregory Umberger
2 4:28:48.9 Lyndon Box
2 4:59:23.0 Hal Gilreath
2 6:15:32.4 Albert Fournier
3 4:44:01.3 Kerry Mowlam
4 5:07:07.3 Juan Estrella
5 5:08:34.4 Saswata Roy
4 5:11:48.0 Michael Mohseni
5 5:17:18.4 Shawn Francis
8 5:58:53.5 John Dunsford
9 5:42:10.7 Carl Zeilman
16 6:00:11.3 David Mariotti
19 6:11:00.4 Kevin Ellis

Female Age Groups

1 5:01:56.8 Lesleigh Box
1 6:07:35.3 Susan Haag
1 6:38:13.0 Brenda Karoly
2 5:54:23.2 Teresa Derkum
3 6:34:45.5 Chantal Lefevre
3 5:25:23.1 Kellie Smirnoff
4 5:50:57.2 Courtney Spratt
4 5:13:39.9 Joy Murphy

Amelia Man Olympic

1 2:18:37.0 Judson Walker
2 2:21:31.0 Matthew Miller
3 2:32:19.0 Jay Herring
5 2:33:09.0 John Redmond

1 2:39:28.0 Beth De Arment
1 2:50:52.0 Liz Boudreax
3 2:51:31.0 Heather Burke
3 3:08:45.0 Dasha Baez
4 2:49:56.0 Kristen Packard
8 3:14:57.0 Sofia Every

On the other coast – Lance and Matthew were on hand to cheer on my sister to her 3rd Mission Beach triathlon finish.


Congrats Miah – Well DONE!!!


Sean Crichton raced to a 112th place Overall finish in the xTerra Nationals Championships – great job getting there and awesome finish Sean.

Iron Buttz Update:

With only 4 more weeks until Ironman Florida, the Iron buttz crew is hitting the “final” surge of training and then it’s taper time. With the way that Joy has been training and with a 31 MINUTE (yeah – I know – that’s INCREDIBLE) PR on Saturday – she should be really in good shape come November 1st.

The course will be filled with friends and family and I am really excited to hear the gun go off as all of the work will be worth it.

If your not doing anything on Saturday, November 1st and want see something really special – make the 4 ½ hour drive west and come watch drama, suffering, 1000 emotions in a single day all wiped clean with a finish line smile…I promise you will not be disappointed.

Kona Update:

Planes, trains and automobiles times 3 and we are here but C-bone has not stopped smiling!!!


It is REALLY INCREDIBLE and I wish I could describe the scene.


There is definitely an energy here. I have heard it talked about many times and I could not put my finger on it but it is here and it is REAL. It may be from the island or the people or just the enthusiasm of 2000 of the fittest people in the world all training. I have NEVER scene anything like Alii drive training – pros, age groupers, all different languages and WAY TOO MANY SPEEDO’s – really TOO MANY!!!


Hercules and I ran last night and it gets DARK here very fast and when the sun goes down it is REALLY DARK. He played frogger until we were both scared and turned around and came home.

Today we swam in the aquarium known as Dig Me beach and it was amazing.


45 minutes straight and I never noticed the distance or the time. The fish and the reef beats the hell out of the black line of the pool…


then ran home 5 miles with 200 other people out training – it’s amazing how much fitness is going on :)


I rode a few minutes just to check out my bike before tomorrow. Tomorrow is a more structured with 2.5 hour bike and 30 minute t-run. Hopefully the winds and the weather cooperate.

That’s all for now…

Aloha :)