Monday, June 23, 2008

Its official – the “off-season” is over…

And by the way…I’m over my credit limit !!!

Most of my blogs are about results, rants or random streams of consciousness and very few of them are actually about me…this one is…but much like the Cosby show of my youth – it might just have a lesson in it.

Whether it was meant to be or not - my summer vacation is OFFICIALLY over!!!

I had two more weeks but a Sunday morning blurry eyed glazed over like a Krispy Crème Donut scale reading and early morning beat down by a 92 pound midget has forced me to re-evaluate where I am and where I want to be.

What did I do during my break?

I played with the boys result: they are pretty sick of me but hey they are teenagers – Coen still thinks I am cool :)

I surfed in overhead surf for 10 straight days… result: I have a sunburned nose and bruised ribs and shin but my barrel time is plus 1. Oh yeah – surfing does NOT equal swimming.

I rode my road bike…a lot…200-250 miles a week and up some good hills…result: my butt hurts but my cycling legs are pretty strong – 70-80 miles is no problem – FT is closer to 300 and I had fun.

I read (only partially so far) 3 new books…result: armed with the newest philosophy of brain training – I am seriously dangerous.

I rested and got my couch turned back around to the proper angle for old man naps – result: I feel ready to get back to training and have my recover venue properly realigned :)

I lifted a few times but not as much as I wanted – result: Jay – Lo is growing but quite not big enough yet – soccer mom is scared.

I ran (too little, too infrequently and most of it too fast) result: midget kicked my a$$ yesterday – 10 miles was fine – 12 was WAY TOO long – we did 12 – speed is ok – endurance – not so good.

I swam (once – really – only once – surfing as an alternative to laps was seriously not good a plan) – result: this morning I swam with Hercules – no REALLY – I swam WITH HERCULES – I have a LOT of work to do here – it was EMBARASSING!!!

Lastly - I ate…ok a LOT…I needed to gain back some IM weight and apparently I did this well – ok TOO WELL …I learned to cook some good new dishes – again apparently TOO well – 13 pounds in 10 weeks since AZ …it is DEFINITELY time to establish a reasonable upper limit and this one is a glass ceiling with finger prints all over it from me trying to paw the cookie jar. (Think Kung Fu panda only in a Speedo)


Ouch - time to mix in a salad and cut out the cookies…my 20 watt increase in FT is EXACTLY what I need to get my new larger frame to the same point at the same time…so much for the cycling advances. :)

What are my lessons?

To quote a friend – Fitness is like a materialistic girlfriend – tough to find and a lot of work to keep and getting back in shape sucks way worse than staying in shape!!!

Long course may be cool…but if you’re out of shape it’s a VERY long way to the other end of the pool – REALLY – if your out of shape – the wall is your friend.

Perceived exertion is a very good training tool and so is the complete humiliation swimming next to the 12 and under’s…

Hercules and I are going back there on Wednesday and if they laugh at us again we are going to hang them by there Speedos from the towel rack in the shower – these little sh!tz may be fast but Hercules and I can fight dirty – “mommy mommy mommy” – see if you can get down from here – don’t make fun of the old guys.

Plan from here forward:

Two weeks of preparation – getting back to training – getting back on a cycle and getting focused on the fall – mix in a salad.

Three swims this week, four runs and three bikes – it’s back to basics with the basic week.

I kick started it yesterday by letting Josh cut my hair – Coen did it before AZ and they get a kick out of it. (imagine a Dr. Evil laugh)

I now look like a cross between natural born killa and Charlie brown but hey – hair is transient…it will grow back hopefully and it changed my mindset…I am back to training



16 weeks to Hawaii – 19 weeks to Florida…

I owe:

342 training hours …

190,000 Meters in the pool,

3800 miles on the bike,

855 miles of running

9:59:59 or better in Florida and get back under my credit limit – Priceless!!!

It’s out there – that’s my goal :)

I’ll make the Kool aid – you decide if your thirsty :)

Iron buttz starts this weekend :)

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cm jones said...

Glad you had a great vaca. Geesh, I'm so proud of the "midget" - LOL

Signed - the midget's stepmonster