Monday, July 7, 2008

What a weekend for the geeked up sports fans…

Tour de France…Olympic Trials…70.3 Lake Stevens…fireworks….fire trucks…what more could you ask for :)

YEA…I love Versus. Their coverage is incredible – 4 times a day – too cool - but unfortunately the ending is the same every time. :) I think I have a problem…I really did watch it twice…12 steps…step one…I am a Tour GEEK :)


Swimming is really something to get excited about if you have swam before…it is really incredible to compare the times…at my FASTEST – I could not have done a 100M all out and matched the pace of the slowest 100 in the 1500M finals. Even better, if I could find 30 of the fastest local triathletes and we all did a 30 person relay against the winner – he would have still probably lapped us…that is how fast we are NOT :)


Oh yeah and in case you didn’t notice…Phelps is a freak – 15 races – 15 1st’s!!! Did you see his ankles? Stephen King (another really good reason why I am still not hanging with him) got the bed/sledgehammer scene from the underwater shot - they look like they are hinged.


BUT – My favorite swimmer…Dara Torres – 1st – HOT – 2nd FAST – 3rd my age – 4th did I say HOT – I said that one already? - Man am I 12 or what :)


By the way – what is up with Women’s track and field?


How did I miss this sport in High School, college, hell for the last 42 years?


Pole-vaulting – Jenn Stuczynski - I’m a fan!!!

8/8/08 – I can’t wait!!!

Local News

We have the intercoastal – the hill in Ponte Vedra – ok it’s a 6-8’ rise but the cyclists still attack it. Not the same in Lake Stevens, WA where it is really hilly. It is REALLY hard to prepare and race when conditions are so different from what you are used to and JC did the work and it paid off. She hit her goal of a Clearwater slot posting 3rd in AG and 102 overall including the pros – CONGRATS JC.

Next weekend we have a BIG crew in Rhode Island for the 70.3. Billy Hart, Paul Cantin (Orange County, CA, V crew member #1), Vann Simmons and Steve Petitt are all racing with Clearwater in mind. The course looks awesome and it should be a great race – spots are not cheap – you are going to have to pay to play…find that deep dark spot where you we like to go…slow burning pain is good pain – no one passes you on the run. :)


The 3rd BFAS is here for the local crew, Joy, Team Mayo et al (Steve, Michael, Tyler), Juan (group ride speedster – dude – you get a Tri bike – your going to 1-2 MPH faster), Freddie, Kellie and JC is getting back in time to take a shot at her 1st place position. Defending his overall 1st place position is the shaved leg tough guy turned tri-geek – James Sweeney – Good luck to all of you.

Sprint tri’s – last only around an hour – Ironman – not so quick…settling in for the all day crock pot cooker in Austria are Saswata and Susan…the race is on Sunday and they are ready. Bratwurst and beers after 140.6 – recap coming next week.

That should be it – if I forgot anyone – sorry – it was not intentional.

Speaking of slow burn – coming up:

IM Louisville (8 weeks), IM Wisconsin (9 weeks), Hawaii (15 weeks – I think I need to change my shorts :)) and IM Florida (18 weeks)

The last two weeks have really made me focus on getting myself organized and refocused. I’m fully stocked with all my drinks, meds, socks, shoes, watches, batteries to last me the next 4 1/2 months of training. I got it all out of the way now so I don’t have to worry about it later.

I have also started back working with Alan Couzens (my coach in Boulder – they were featured in this months Triathlete Magazine – Endurance Corner). He gave me some simple big picture advice for the next few weeks – “you want to go xx% faster – do xx% more work” We both know this has limits but we just took spring base week from 15 to 18 hours – 20% faster – hey maybe I can finish while it is light – seriously – in Florida – I never have. 18 hours this past week, 230 miles on the bike, 25 (yes I know – I need more) running and a light week in the pool – let’s just say the Phelps swam more in his events than I did all week.


All in all a pretty good week. There was a short nap in someone’s front yard south of the Gate station on Friday, I bonked bad and had to nap for a few minutes. This was after an emergency stop at Dunkin Donuts for 2 chocolate glazed. It was a good thing I had friends with me…oh wait…Hercules tried to true my rear wheel with his aero bars but other than that – good week :)

This week has 18-20 hours again and better frequency in the pool and on the run.

That’s a wrap – time for a nap…all curled up with Dara, Jenn and Lolo :)

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You're not training hard enough if you still have the energy for this many fantasies!