Friday, June 6, 2008


Tom Clancy probably sits along the banks of the Potomac gazing at the monuments as he conjures his next adventures for Jack Ryan.

Anne Rice can smell the hot oil and powdered sugar of the beignets as she pictures Armand's thirsty nocturnal wanderings.

Stephen king just goes back to the dark attic where his parents locked him to create the latest incarnation of – oh my god – who would do that characters. I don’t think I want to hang with him. Anyone who can think of gluing some to a wheelchair and then lighting them on fire prior to pushing them down a hill has issues.

What does any of this have to do with anything?

I get to write my blogs and your training plans in some pretty cool places.

On the front porch of a cool B and B in St. Pete, on the plane at 35K enroute to Chicago and now from a venue that I will probably NEVER be able to top.

I am in California at the California Plastic Surgery Conference, there are a few of these surgeons on this coast. Breast implants in California – really? They have those here? The meeting is held at the St. Regis Monarch Beach and this place is actually rated - 5 stars.


I have heard the expression before, 5 star resorts but I don’t think I ever really experienced it before. You check in and really – it is different. No one says no…they just fix things. It is incredible!!! The view, the room, the area and if I have to work - this is really where I want my office.


There is a surf break (Salt Creek) that is 1/2 mile away with some of the best performance conditions around...Shane, Josh and I scored some good ones (just overhead on the sets) yesterday before I had to work...this is Shane...

So – here I sit overlooking the Pacific Ocean drinking perfect coffee and chowing down on what I can only describe as a Scomuffin…yes – it is not a scone and it is not a muffin. Hell, it might be the best breakfast food ever created unless you include the Uglies on Cape Hatteras but those have the surgeon general’s warning on them.

These Scomuffins are small but incredibly dense – they kinda look like Plonks but they are chocolate and covered with sugar – really – I CELEBRATE the off season – I am already up to my off season weight and a few weeks laid up here with the Scomuffins and I could race Clydesdale.

Much like my waist size post Scomuffin - the Velocity crew is growing and we welcome a few new additions…

Joy Murphy, Lyndon Box, Paul Rudzitis (my 1st swim coach) and shaved legged tough guy turned tri-geek James Sweeney.

Joy is focused on IM Florida, Lyndon on Hawaii with a quick stop to pick up his slot in Louisville, Coach Paul is doing Miami man ½ in November and I will take anyone’s $ that he will be top 3 in the swim and Sween is got a race schedule through 2010 – I thought I was organized. No Freddy – the term is organized - NOT anal :)

Racing and Results:

For the shaved legged tough guys – the Lindner crew was ON FIRE last weekend in Georgia. The last person to roll so fast through Georgia was Sherman – ba dump chiiiiishhhhhhh….I’ll be here all week. As predicted, Jeff Kopp dominated the dojo in the TT and was 2nd overall.


Curtis led a 29 lap breakaway to finish 2nd in the circuit race leaving the boys in 1st and 3rd in the general classification.


This is HUGE!!!

This also means that anyone and everyone are gunning for you. Karel Sumbal, Adam Baskin (king of all bike fits) and young addition Cat III Cody Vance tried to block and control the race but the attacks were relentless. The entire field attacked the boys and over the course of 90 miles a breakaway stuck and Curtis and Jeff had to be content with their stage podiums and 2 spots in the top 15 in the GC.

To say the RR was hard is such an understatement – the files these guys produced are the hardest efforts of their year to date. Nice work!!!

The boys race this weekend in Stuart on Sunday and then in Ocala next weekend for the Florida State RR.

For more text check out and for pictures.

For the Tri geeks -

Double D Danny Domingo, James Sweeney and Joy Murphy raced in steaming conditions in Macon. Danny ended up 6th Overall and James 15th despite the heat. Joy hit a PR in finishing 21st overall with those conditions so look for great things from her in PCB in November.

That’s all for the racing and results for now – coming up…

Paul Cantin - Velocity Client #1 is jumping off the boat and swimming in from the Island in Alcatraz - good luck Paul - the sand ladder is fun :)

Beaches Fine Arts #2 next weekend.

The tri geeks join the shave legged tough guys for the State RR on Sunday in Ocala. UFC contender Shawn (Hercules), Clancy (I did some curls), Evan (FAST FAST FAST), Kerry (mate) and yours truly (only a slightly larger version :)) will be on the line without a swim or run result to hide behind – this should be fun :)

I’ll close with this…

Most people spend there days working to go on vacation. A better solution might be to work where most people go on vacation…I am going to try this for the next 10 days…I’ll let you know how feels. If my blog entries start to sound like Robin Leech, “I am yelling and I don’t know why”, I know I can go home to the “real” world without implants and change my perspective and probably my perception – but I am not going into the attic with Stephen.

Gotta run – there are taking away the Scomuffins :)

Kia Kaha

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