Monday, August 11, 2008

Man – what can I say…?

If you meet your goal…I would say you did great!

A New PR…Fantastic!!

Score a win…Awesome!!!

Two wins for the Team…in ONE front of a home town crowd…That is Perfection!!!!

Both of those wins by the same guy – PRICELESS!!!!!

It was a day where all of the hard work and training paid off…literally.

In the Jacksonville Cycling Classic held over the weekend, the shaved leg tough guys were on a mission.


The road race was held on Saturday in the heat of the day and a break away of 10+ guys went up the road and it would stick. Karel Sumbal rode strong and finished 5th in the overall – very nice.



On Sunday, the venue moved to the other side of the road for a fast, hot criterium loop race where in the 35+ field, Curtis Long smashed the field to take the top spot on the podium with his first win of the season.

Having worked with Curtis for almost 2 years, I can easily look at the numbers and say, this guy is “on” form and this win was well deserved. The guy does the work, he does the miles, he rests, he recovers…

This year he has had a lot of 2nd place finishes…and don’t get me wrong…that is great…but in Cycling…a win – well – that’s the shitznit :)

In between races I had a chance to yap with him, give him some BIG props, and Curtis told me he hoped he had enough left for a good effort in the Pro 1, 2.

The race went off at over 90 degrees and these guys all were firing.


After doing a massive solo bridge to an early break, Curtis worked hard and had enough left for perfectly executed tactical sprint.

Survey says – WIN – TOP PODIUM - PRO 1, 2!!!

pro12 cutis wins2

Dude, you smacked it, you scorched it, you rolled it in flour, deep fried and baked it…


Two wins in one day…that is something!!!

Way to go…enjoy the day off today…you deserve it…back to intervals tomorrow :)

Besides the Pro’s ...

other shaved legged tough guys, tri-geeks and Iron Buttz also made it around the course (safely) on Saturday and Sunday with some strong showings from Evan, (5th and 2nd), Clancy (7th), Kerry (8th) along with Pete Loftis, Danny Domingo, Travis (top 10 +- in both days – DUDE NICE!!!), Carl Zeilman, Jim Wadsworth, Sean Crichton, Jackhammer et al and the rest of the BVS crew. Great job and a special congrats to the tri-guys for staying upright in the turns – we go straight really well :)


In case you were wondering – yes I did race and I finished EXACTLY were I wanted to – FLAMME ROUGE BABY – safe and sound – dead last :) Kerry Mowlam and I broke away twice (ok – 1 and ½ times) and we couldn’t make it stick so my job became lead out for the sprint (Clancy, Kerry and Carl). I did my best Hincapie impersonation for around ½ mile at 32MPH and pulled off and loudly proclaimed – I QUIT!!! Short of launching a red star cluster (old military term for cease fire) – I made it absolutely clear that this tri-geek/iron butt wanted ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with a shoulder to shoulder 35mph + CAT V testosterone riddled mayhem. Seriously – I was yelling “I am out!!!” from the last turn…I needed to make sure EVERYONE knew I didn’t want to play anymore :)

There are very few things in my life that I wish I coulda, shoulda, whoulda done…but in a younger body who might bounce a little better – I wish I had raced more cycling races…it is really SUCH a different sport - totally cannibalistic and totally tactical…and…(as Rich made me aware) it scares the shitznit outta me and being outside my comfort zone is a place I like to be. :)

Enough excitement for me for the year – back to my aerobars, trainer and straighter roads with 7 meters in between – Hey but at least I get Angelina’s butt to keep me company :)

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