Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fay Fay Go Away !!!


Right out of the blocks – RESULTS – we got ‘em!!!

2 weeks ago (yeah – I know I am little late with this one) – Tony Maniatis – aka Dr. Green Speedo did a tough guy performance that Rocky Balboa would have been proud of. All month long he was suffered with a nagging foot injury and he was very close to pulling out of the Timberman 70.3. His normal training load was reduced to only biking and swimming and almost no running. On race day though he decided to compete and finished up in the Top 20 of his AG and Top 100 overall with a 4:50 something and a very strong 1:37 run – congrats Tony – enjoy the off season and heal up !!!

That should have gotten him the tough guy award but skin wins and this weeks winner goes to no other than Billy Hart. The road surface in Nocatee had just been grated and Billy took a big tumble hitting the floor hard and donating some large patches of flesh to pavement. He pulled himself up, checked out his ride and finished up the last 30+ miles with us looking more like a rugby player than a cyclist. Billy stayed out of the pool all week but hit the water at the HOT this past weekend and was in the TOP 10 overall and 2nd in his AG with a PR. Tough Guy award goes to B. Hart.

Speaking of the HOT – Congrats to Double D – Danny Domingo – it doesn’t get any better than a wire to wire win and Danny crushed the field by 5 minutes. He has game!!! Clair (his wife) had a great race and finished 2nd in the women’s field – BTW – she still owes me $2 dollars :)

The VMS Crew and friends were out in force and bunches of great performances. JC came in 3rd OA, Joy had a PR of over 10 minutes, Vann hammered out 3rd in the 40-44 with almost no speed work as he has IM Wisconsin in 10 days, Aaron was 3rd in AG, Michael 5th, David 7th, Juan 11th and Carl 12th…awesome results!!!


In what will probably be overlooked by almost everyone checking the results except for the true geeks like me, one of the most impressive times on the course on Sunday was a relay bike split thrown up there by Jeff Kopp. I have been coaching Jeff for 9 months and there is no doubt that the guy is good, he has the work ethic and logs the miles and can suffer like a dog. Those are given. What you probably don’t know is that Jeff is a geek too and he looks at his power files and really has learned how to race a TT exceptionally well. We have tested – we have practiced and we have trained for TT’s for a lot of the summer in preparation for a 40K TT in October. This was “tune up “ race and I figured I would set him up a little with an “unreasonable goal” in the notes for the race and I put “:56 :)” in the comments…never really thinking that he would be able to hit that on rolling technical course but sure enough…56 and change!!! His normalized power output was actually EXACTLY what we predicted and his split was almost 5 minutes faster than the 2nd place cyclist and the relay got the win… Congrats Jeff!!!

Coming up this weekend (yes Hercules – this weekend :)) is IM Louisville and Hercules and I will be there to cheer on Lyndon and the Midget. They are both in the mix for Kona spots and I am 100% sure they will leave nothing on the course. Good luck and we’ll be there as IM Sherpa’s.

Is it just me or does the Midget make Hammy look mellow :)


Vann Simmons has IM Wisconsin in 10 days and he has REALLY ready for this race. His swimming is solid, his bike is fast and a strong run he will be in the mix. Good luck Vann – we will be watching.

That’s all for results, if I missed anyone, sorry, it was not intentional.



Fay pretty much screwed up everyone’s training last week and I was forced to log 11.5 hours on the computrainer - 244.5 miles and NONE of it outside.


If you think an hour is boring – try 2 hours Tuesday, 3 hours Wednesday, 1.5 on Thursday and 5 straight on Saturday. OH YEAH – IT SUX’D!!!

I love the expression – I would rather eat Bee’s – yeah – really – a bowl full of yellow jackets with soy milk before I do that again.

Mix in 6 miles on the treadmill – more boring TV and 10 miles on treadmill on Friday and I was cooked.


By the way – in case you didn’t know…World Gym is not really a Gym…it kinda like the Ocean Club in workout clothes and I am just guessing that I missed the sign that said no sweating.

The Jacksonville “Ballet” Dancer in full make-up, Capri pants and no sock Nike Fashion sneaker was HIGHLY offended at my sweat rate and smell.

After the week I was having I just embraced it – put on my Eminem and poured half a water bottle over my head all flash dancer style as I finished up mile 9 of my 10 mile tempo run.

Yup – 10 dollar entry fee – that $1 a mile and I was not cleaning up after myself :)

I said goodbye to Savannah, thanked her for inspiring me and squish squashed my way to the Ark and rowed home…

What did Fay do to JAX – it dumped rain and wind for 72 straight hours.

We lost a few trees in our neighborhood…streets were filled with leaved and debris but more importantly:

I ran out of dark corners of my mind to explore and they are not nearly as scary

I ran out of movies to watch but I am almost caught up on Generation Kill – the best show on TV right now.

I now know all of the CNN anchors by voice and even watched the Aviator – yeah I know – the irony is quite ironic :)

I also realized that I do not want to do that again anytime soon…


Oh great Jim Cantore is on my plane – NICE– say hello to Gustav…

Hello Gustav ii!ii :)

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