Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ride this weekend 5/25/11

Well the Iron Buttz went to Texas and it was HOT, humid, windy and hard…but…it’s supposed to be…it is an Ironman :)

For all the gory details with lots of cool pix and props…check out the video below…

The countdown continues:

1 to IM Hawaii 70.3
4 to IM CDA
6 to Badwater
8 to IM USA
13 to IM KY
13 to IM Canada
15 to IM Moo
19 to Kona

Training – mid-season break :)

I am a BIG fan of focused training followed by unstructured breaks to allow for some decompression both physically and mentally.

I get the next 2 weeks “off plan” and that is really nice…
It doesn’t mean that I don’t exercise…I will do quite a bit but it is only when, where and how I want to versus having to do 3H with 6 x 5 minutes at XXX watts with X:00 recovery etc etc etc.

I do it for fun and that is what this sport is supposed to be…so…

Saturday -

Leaving the house at 7am for 3-3.5H ride on road bikes.

Heading out to the valley riding “nice and easy” and then linking up with the group.

Back at the house at 10:30 and then Retul fits x 2 starting at 11am.

Bone and I are gonna do Kung Fu Panda II in the afternoon and then hanging out with the family at Cheeseburger in Paradise…at the Club :)

Sunday –

Leaving the house at 6:25am for the 10 miler with the Sea Turtle group at 6:30…running in the back and being social.

Breakfast with Bone and Drew…then hanging with Bone all day…play…play and more play.

Monday –

Might ride again if there is a group ride…we’ll see what is going on and then hang at the beach or pool and chill.

Good Causes –

Jacksonville Beach, Fla—On June 3 & 4, OmVelO Indoor Cycling/Yoga/TRX, Big Fish Yoga, and the Jacksonville Beach’s athletic community will come together--elite athletes, yogi’s, surfers, football players, golfers, tri-athlete’s, runners—to shine a spotlight on The Challenged Athlete’s Foundation (CAF), & the Brooks Adaptive Sports&Recreation sponsored Life Rolls On ‘They Will Surf Again’ event.

Jacksonville Jaguar Eben Britton, MaryLyn Jenkins of Big Fish Power Yoga, Ultra Runners Chris Roman and Kellie Smirnoff, Abbie Britton of OmVelO Indoor Cycling/Yoga/TRX, lululemon Athletica and a host of volunteer athletes are putting their power together to raise funds for CAF—The Challenged Athlete Foundation on June 3, and the next day volunteer for the Brooks Adaptive Sports&Recreation sponsored Life Rolls On Adaptive Surfing Event at Jacksonville Beach.

The CAF fundraiser on Friday evening June 3rd will take place from 7-9:30 pm with 50 minutes of inspired cycling and 50 minutes of power yoga. The $30 donation for each session goes directly to CAF. The event will also be a send off for ultra runner Chris Roman a board member and long time supporter of CAF who will, on July 11, run the world’s toughest footrace --135 miles across Death Valley-- the Badwater Ultramarathon.

On Saturday, June 4 the Brooks Adaptive Sports&Recreation sponsored Life Rolls On- ‘They Will Surf Again’ event will happen from 9-2. They need about 100 volunteers to help support this event where physically challenged individuals, who normally could not surf, will gather together for a day of surfing, inspiration and camaraderie. Roughly 7 volunteers will be paired with each surfer, for a day of excitement, joy, and best of all, surf! Register NOW at: for the OmVelO volunteer team for an absolutely inspiring day! Proceeds from the purchase of the first 20 $20 Ride the Radiance t-shirts will go to Life Rolls On. Please VOLUNTEER WITH TEAM OMVELO!

Links of interest –

Massage by Marjorie check it out at or call (904) 945-4540

Dr. Alvin Green If you are in need of Chiropractic care

110% Play Harder - check them out at !!!

Yoga – new studio in Jax Beach and it is for the athletes – check out

Spin, TRX and Yoga at OM-Velo – This is a great venue for an off season change of pace…good core work…focused efforts for cyclists and triathletes. Check out

The Beaches Thursday Night Beer run – the run is every Thursday night @ 6:30pm from the Trek Beach store. 4.25 mi or 3 mi options ending at Engine 15 Brewing Company – this is getting to be the social event of the week…check it out.

That’s a wrap –

If we miss, watch out for text messaging soccer moms, pickup trucks, grey Porsche 911’s, pellet shooting panel vans, Grannies racing for a geritol sale and UCI bank deposits.

For any of you who read down this far…you know I almost always close with “As always – “F” Floyd Flandis, Alberto Cheatador and Ricardo Ridiculouso!!! Et tu Tyler ???” or something like that.

Appearently I need to remodel my I love Lance Wall at work and take back all the bad things I said about “these guys” as they ALL seem to have skeletons in the closet…

If the UCI is implicated in the “cover-up”…man…that is just incredible.

Last…props to Tyler for coming clean and manning up and ALWAYS saying it was him as well…I am holding out hope but I think Big George is next.

Take care,

Shawn Burke
Velocity Multisport Coaching
(904) 537-5294

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