Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aloha III

It is Wednesday night here in Kona and what a week it has been so far.

I have often said that I get to write my blogs from the nicest places in the world and this one is no exception. My feet are up…the sun is going down and the green flash smiles back at us as we toast another great day.


Let’s catch you up…

Yesterday was a good training day with a 2:30 ride up toward Hawi and 30 minute run. The bike course was a REAL eye opener and I really can’t believe how hard you must ride to do a 4:18. It was really amazing to see how many rollers are on the course. The weirdest part is the road looks like it going up and you’re actually descending – the optical illusions are amazing. I can’t get over it.

Did some sight seeing and hiked down to a black sand beach past Hawi. It was a ways off the beaten path but worth it.


Went to the Parade of Nations last night and that was cool. It is the opening of the expo as well so I got some bling…


Today was a REALLY good swim followed by a 5 mile tempo run with the last 2 at AT pace and then on to registration.

I am sure that everyone is getting bored by now of me going on about how great the swim venue is here but it just that good I have to do this again. This morning was even better than Monday. I could seriously swim everyday here it is just that cool.



I headed out at 7:45 for a 45 minute swim with a few accelerations and at 7:55 I had a swim partner just about hit me in the nose with his nose.


This turtle scared the crap out of me as he seriously swam right up to me and as I went to breath – he was like 1 foot away from my nose.


I stopped – we chatted and I went on to finish my swim.


10 more minutes and a dolphin and her baby swam about 25-30 feet under me and later 3 dolphins were swimming in formation underneath the “course”.

I really didn’t want to turn around at 22:30 but I could not see the next marker and me starting to feel a little like bait as the crowd really thins the farther out on the course you go.

Coming in to the pier I hooked up with 2 women’s “pros” wearing long john Blue Seventy suits and Splish bathing caps. I paced with them for 5-10 minutes felt pretty good about myself. After a few minutes, they stopped and chatted with each other for like 10 seconds and they were gone. No really – GONE!!! I stroked hard and tried to stay close or even close but I couldn’t. It was like she had a motor…I was humbled and went back to swimming easy and watching for my buddy the turtle.

Speaking of Pro’s the sightings are really getting pretty common place…so far for me…I saw Norman Stadler when I was riding, Faris when I was riding, Macca at the morning swim, Chris Lieto out running on Alii, Sam McGlone (not racing due to injury) at the swim this morning, Natasha last night and I even had a chance to say hello and chat with Phil White of Cervelo.


They were here showing off there new P4 and it’s really cool.


That’s not the only hot bike at the expo as Ridley had their new TT, the new Fugi looks great, the Scott and the TTX all look super fast and bombproof. There are like 5 Euro brands I have seen around and they also look good.

Tomorrow is a really easy day of just rest and sightseeing. I probably will swim – the turtle and I have a date for coffee…I am not sure if you have heard but they actually have a FREE espresso bar on the swim course.



I know I know enough about the swim :)


This company is TOO COOL and I will definitely try and support them with a few beans for their beans before I leave. Coffee’s of Hawaii and Albert Boyce (their CEO and an AG triathlete that is always in the top ranks) has built a brand that is tied to what he does and loves. Good for you Albert.

Last but DEFINITELY not least...

C-bone’s smile has faded a little but only because he has found that it is hard to smile and snorkel at the same time. The dude seriously spent 4 hours in the water snorkeling today.


I pulled him around the swim course for around 1000M and he held on to my feet until he wanted to stop and then he just let go and would float. The dude seriously loves his fish. We took a break – had some lunch and went back in for another session. I have no doubt that he will be a diver as soon as he can get certified.

That’s about all for now…ALMOST FORGOT…

Hercules is cooking Chicken and I am sure he will have some applesauce to go with it…

By the way…he is adopting the euro fashion standards of “anything”goes…


This is us right before our “jog” tonight…all he needs is compression socks :)


I am outta here…more to follow on Friday…

Aloha III for now…

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Cate said...

LOL - hard to snorkel and smile at the same time!!

Sounds like a dream Ironman. Your attitude is inspiring! Good luck and enjoy - can't wait for the post post.

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