Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aloha II

The balance of the universe has been restored and all is right with the world…the congress bailed out the market…OJ was found guilty and Curtis Long got 2nd :)

This is a running joke with Curtis and me that he has had more 2nd place finishes than anyone else I know and probably anyone else in the Pro 1, 2 ranks this year.

This type of consistency is what makes Curtis a true professional…he also scored back to back wins earlier this season – two in the same day – that is something. His last 2nd place podium was this past weekend in the SC State TT Championships and Curtis jammed through the 40K rolling course to a average speed of over 26MPH.

One more race weekend to go then it is time to take some much needed rest. Congrats on the finish and good luck next weekend.

On the Tri side, imagine getting to do a “destination” race with a LOT of friends and it only is 30 minutes from home.

The Atlantic Coast Triathlon was held this weekend in Fernandina and it was a great inaugural event. It really hard to get it completely right the 1st time and DRC Sports did a really good job and got 95% perfect but the other 5% - well – that was a “D-“.

What did they get right? The venue was really good – nice area – lots of room for transition – the “expo” and check in all looked very clean and well run. The swim was choppy but what are you gonna do about that? The bike was scenic and very fair but a little dicey when the Olympic distance athletes turned left in front of ½ distance racers going straight – not a good idea. The run was really good with a challenging 3 mile 1st portion of the course that led to 9 miles that had lots of shade.

The biggest blunder was Hercules asking Saswata to zip him up - no wonder his back hurts!!! :) Really - the biggest problem of the day was on the run course marking and sending the Olympic distance runners out the wrong way but its spilled milk and sorry to say but it didn’t affect me so I wasn’t too upset :)


ON to results…

I don’t think I went 5 or 10 minutes without seeing and hearing from friends and giving them splits.

Here are the results:

OA Female

3 4:55:45.4 Jennifer Hanley-Pinto

Masters Female
1 5:40:47.8 Stacie Hernandez Master Female 3 5:50:10.8 Millie Tanner

Masters Male 1 4:34:48.0 Shawn Burke
Masters Male 2 4:40:26.8 Don Packard

Age group
1 5:09:42.7 Gregory Umberger
2 4:28:48.9 Lyndon Box
2 4:59:23.0 Hal Gilreath
2 6:15:32.4 Albert Fournier
3 4:44:01.3 Kerry Mowlam
4 5:07:07.3 Juan Estrella
5 5:08:34.4 Saswata Roy
4 5:11:48.0 Michael Mohseni
5 5:17:18.4 Shawn Francis
8 5:58:53.5 John Dunsford
9 5:42:10.7 Carl Zeilman
16 6:00:11.3 David Mariotti
19 6:11:00.4 Kevin Ellis

Female Age Groups

1 5:01:56.8 Lesleigh Box
1 6:07:35.3 Susan Haag
1 6:38:13.0 Brenda Karoly
2 5:54:23.2 Teresa Derkum
3 6:34:45.5 Chantal Lefevre
3 5:25:23.1 Kellie Smirnoff
4 5:50:57.2 Courtney Spratt
4 5:13:39.9 Joy Murphy

Amelia Man Olympic

1 2:18:37.0 Judson Walker
2 2:21:31.0 Matthew Miller
3 2:32:19.0 Jay Herring
5 2:33:09.0 John Redmond

1 2:39:28.0 Beth De Arment
1 2:50:52.0 Liz Boudreax
3 2:51:31.0 Heather Burke
3 3:08:45.0 Dasha Baez
4 2:49:56.0 Kristen Packard
8 3:14:57.0 Sofia Every

On the other coast – Lance and Matthew were on hand to cheer on my sister to her 3rd Mission Beach triathlon finish.


Congrats Miah – Well DONE!!!


Sean Crichton raced to a 112th place Overall finish in the xTerra Nationals Championships – great job getting there and awesome finish Sean.

Iron Buttz Update:

With only 4 more weeks until Ironman Florida, the Iron buttz crew is hitting the “final” surge of training and then it’s taper time. With the way that Joy has been training and with a 31 MINUTE (yeah – I know – that’s INCREDIBLE) PR on Saturday – she should be really in good shape come November 1st.

The course will be filled with friends and family and I am really excited to hear the gun go off as all of the work will be worth it.

If your not doing anything on Saturday, November 1st and want see something really special – make the 4 ½ hour drive west and come watch drama, suffering, 1000 emotions in a single day all wiped clean with a finish line smile…I promise you will not be disappointed.

Kona Update:

Planes, trains and automobiles times 3 and we are here but C-bone has not stopped smiling!!!


It is REALLY INCREDIBLE and I wish I could describe the scene.


There is definitely an energy here. I have heard it talked about many times and I could not put my finger on it but it is here and it is REAL. It may be from the island or the people or just the enthusiasm of 2000 of the fittest people in the world all training. I have NEVER scene anything like Alii drive training – pros, age groupers, all different languages and WAY TOO MANY SPEEDO’s – really TOO MANY!!!


Hercules and I ran last night and it gets DARK here very fast and when the sun goes down it is REALLY DARK. He played frogger until we were both scared and turned around and came home.

Today we swam in the aquarium known as Dig Me beach and it was amazing.


45 minutes straight and I never noticed the distance or the time. The fish and the reef beats the hell out of the black line of the pool…


then ran home 5 miles with 200 other people out training – it’s amazing how much fitness is going on :)


I rode a few minutes just to check out my bike before tomorrow. Tomorrow is a more structured with 2.5 hour bike and 30 minute t-run. Hopefully the winds and the weather cooperate.

That’s all for now…

Aloha :)

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