Thursday, October 20, 2011

ride this weekend 10/20/11

This is from last week in Hawaii but I think this is a GREAT shot!!!

Don Packard at the line...empty but very fulfilled...

This has been a REALLY hectic 1 and ½ weeks and unfortunately it doesn’t look like I will be home doing the “usual” for another couple more weeks so I better just get used to it.

From Hawaii to Jax to Austin to Orlando to Kansas City to Jax to Miami to Las Vegas to Cleveland to Panama City to Jax…yes…that is all in 3 weeks – wow :)

With that…not doing any training in town so short email this week….

So…on to it…

The countdown continues:

1 week until IM Miami 70.3…I hope the speed shows up before then 

2 weeks until IM Florida…glad to be just cheering at this one…at least it’s cold now.


A win is a win and we had TWO!!!!

Big time congrats to Karel who took 1st in the 35+ race on Saturday…you have heard me say it before but it is a REAL trick to win a bike race…

You have to be in the right place, have the right skills and then execute…Karel did all that!!! Way to go mate!!!

Speaking of executing…how about being in the lead from the 1st turn buoy to the finish – now that is racing from the front!!!

Congrats to Drew Heideman on the OVERALL WIN at the Atlantic Coast Triathlon with a smoking 4:21:02!!!

Could not be happier for Drew as he executed EXACTLY to his plan…ok…he was off by 2 watts  Seriously – perfect race!!!

Lots of other great results are listed here - congrats to everyone who raced.

Last – congrats to Owen, Jo and the crew from JRC who put together a GREAT race / event for the kids last weekend at the Zombie run…that was AWESOME!!!

Sorry Matthew – I thought you had first place zombie locked up until I saw the melted face guy…it was close but I think he got you by a nose…a melted nose :)

Racing this weekend:

Good luck to Juan and the crew at Great Floridian…1st time Iron Distance for Juan…have fun and enjoy…it will be over before you know it :)

Good luck to Curtis and the shaved legged tough guys heading down south for a TT, Crit and RR…have fun and race hard!!!

On to Training – sorry – not in town…have fun and stay safe.

Music –

Usually I have to get a referral to find something REALLY good but this one I found on my own and I must say…he is EXCELLENT!!!

Check out Alexi Murdoch “Time without Consequence” – fantastic mellow music

Food –

For the traveler…in Austin…fantastic restaurant - this is really a great find and the Gnochi should NOT be missed!!!

Movies –

Bone and I went to see Real Steel and it is definitely worth it as a “guy movie” – robots doing UFC…whoooooo ahhhhh :)

Tri-gear for the Tri-geek –

Lot of cool stuff from Kona – here is a really good looking new helmet from Rudy Project

For Sale –

From David Mariotti ( – this is a great deal on a complete bike and really good power solution if you are looking – power makes the difference!!!


Speed Concept 7 series, SIZE M - $2,619 retail
UPGRADES – purchased for this bike:
2011 Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 Carbon Clincher Aero wheelset, never ridden, showroom condition Shimano/SRAM freehub, and new Bontrager Race tires (cassette not included) $1,400 retail
Bontrager RXL carbon bar - $220 retail
Bontrager Speed Concept carbon ski bend extensions - $180 retail
Bontrager Speed Concept Draft Box - $45 retail
Trek Red Shield insurance, 3 years - $169 retail
I have less than 150 training miles on this bike.
This Speed Concept was purchased locally only 45 days ago from TREK.

$1,000 (2010 wheelset) with Power Tap2.4SL (2008 model wired)

Contact, David at 904-612-2710

Links of interest –

Retul Fits work!!! Contact me at - they are expensive but really worth it!!!

Massage by Marjorie check it out at or call (904) 945-4540

Dr. Alvin Green If you are in need of Chiropractic care

110% Play Harder - check them out at !!!

That’s a wrap –

For the latest rants and raves – check out

If we miss, watch out for text messaging soccer moms, pickup trucks, grey Porsche 911’s, pellet shooting panel vans, Grannies racing for a Geritol sale and Bone and I hitting the all you can handle coasters on Saturday night…main event…8 year old versus old man and former aviator…1100+H in the air and I am betting that the young gun is gonna school me bad :)

Take care,

Shawn Burke
Velocity Multisport Coaching
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