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Ride this weekend 8/2511

There is a LOT going on this weekend so let’s get started.

1st – Irene looks like she is going to smack someone hard but thankfully it is not us…last update I saw had it drawing a line to the outer banks…those guys NEVER get a break.

2nd – Surf is UP!!! Wow…on track for some epic waves on Friday and Saturday…when the wind shifts west…look for every kook (me included in that) to run for the beach…6-8 and off shore – yee ha :)

3rd – It is Hurricane season and that means time to love to your trainer – no Hercules that is not your “personal trainer” :)

Last…it is Ironman Season…3 IM races in the next 3 weeks…this is good stuff !!!

So…on to the email…

The countdown continues:

IM KY is this weekend
IM Canada is this weekend
2 to IM Moo
2 to IM 70.3 World’s in Las Vegas
6 to Kona
9 to Ironman Florida


Congrats to the runners in the Beaches Summer Run…Bone and I did the 1 mile fun run and he was a consistent runner and finished without any stops at all…VERY proud of him!!!

Congrats to Walter Campbell – dude did the First Street Cycling Group Ride (formerly known as the Lodge ride) with us in the morning and then ran the 5M race and finished like 7th overall!!!

Imagine if he took it easy in the “am”??? He is always impressive!!!

Congrats to Baby Burke, Peter Litsky, David Wilson, Alex and especially Chuck Jerabec in Velobrew practice crit B race…that guy is STRONG!!!!

Curtis took out the A race with Karel doing some strong training in a few breakaway efforts…nice work guys!!!

Racing this weekend –

I usually give big shouts out to my Ironman athletes with times and goals and etc…not this time…these 3 guys don’t need that and my guess is they don’t want it…

I will say that all three of them have put in ALL of the work…not 90%...all of IT!!!

They are ready and they are going to execute…they have done 1000’s of yards in the pool, thousands of miles on the bike (literally) and hundreds of miles running.

They have done 7+ hour Irondays in training on more than one occasion and have the details dialed in.

They are ready…I know it…they know it and it will be awesome to watch them enjoy the fruits of their labor…

Good luck to Paul (VMS #1) in Ironman Canada, to Lyndon and Don in Ironman Louisville…race smart…it is NOT over until it’s over!!!

Also – special shout out to my friend and friend of VMS – Walter Arnold – kick a$$ Walter!!!

Good luck the rest of the town racing at the HOT…there is a VERY good chance for a 1,2,3 VMS podium on the men’s side…

Good luck to shaved legged tough guys at the Nocatee Races…cycling races on our “home court”….I am all geeked up for this :)

On to Training –


Doing a little different this weekend…leaving the house at 6:30am for a 2H ride up front of the Nocatee Road Race then racing the 45+ at 9:30am (2H) – hopefully racing with the Greek Freak…I smell smoke…he’s on fire 

Finishing up with 1.5H ride home and 30 T-run and start recovery.

Throw on my 110% gear, grab an Ultragen, meds, food and chill with Bone…

Later in the day is the Time Trial (6pm) so probably head there at 5:00 (by car) and do a warm up then a 5 mile TT.

Time to bust out the penis helmet, disk wheels, speed suit and shoe covers…big time geek gear for 5M – I may not be fast but I will look fast :)

Cool down and do dinner in PV somewhere then bed.


Sunday morning is the circuit race…starting again at 9:45 so leaving the house at 7:30am (by car) to drive to Nocatee then warm up, race, warm down then recover.

Sunday late afternoon long run…starting at 3:30pm leaving for 2.5H heat run – this might not be the smartest idea…oh well.

Throw on my 110% gear, grab an Ultragen, meds, food and chill with the family and friends for a nice Sunday dinner…

Movies –

Bone and I saw Spy Kids last weekend – pretty good…we missed the 4D part but the rest was good

Music –

I think I already had this one before but that’s ok…he is worth repeating…check out Darrell Scott - Crooked Road

Food –

Really like to support businesses that support races or sports that I love and could not be happier that Smash Burger is the sponsor for the US Pro Cycling Challenge…

They have a GREAT salad and Veggie Burger – and I also hear they cook some mean cow as well…seriously great food…good place…near new Public on Atlantic in AB.

Check out the Blog for Bone’s Smash Burger review…

NEW SECTION - Sassy’s Corner –

This new section will feature the latest medical news from the good Doctor Basmati.

Here he addresses a common problem for middle age men

Tri Gear for the Tri Geek -

Check out a VERY cool link from Kerry “mate” Mowlam…these scales are great for hydration monitoring.

Good Causes –

Check out Spokes of Change - sponsoring US Pro Cycling Challenge.

For Sale –

This is from Jerry Troyer ( who is both a fireman and mechanic at Trek…this has never had a “speck” of dirt on it for more than 6 hours…the dude takes GREAT care of his gear!!!

Frame: full OCLV black carbon Size: Medium
Wheels: 700c Carbon Zipp 606's (404 front 808 rear), Tires: Bontrager R3's, Cassette: Shimano ultegra 11-23, Skewers: Zipp titanium
Bars: Bontrager RXL carbon bars, Stem: Race XXX light 80mm 12degrees, Shifters: Shimano Dura-ace Front derailer: Shimano Dura-ace 7800 Rear Derailer:Shimano Dura-ace 7800 10speed
Crank: Zipp Vuma Chronos 175 54/42t with ceramic bottom bracket Brake handles:Bontrager race light, Brake Calipers: SRAM Rival
I can do $3800 with the Zipp wheels and Zipp Crank or seperate Wheels $1200 and Crank $400
The bike without the Zipp Wheels and Crank would have Bontrager Race Lite Wheels, R3 tires, and full carbon FSA Crank 172.5 This set up I can do $2500
The bike is in excellent condition because as you know, I just started riding again.
For pics I posted it on Craigslist

From Juan Estrella (

Here are the specs to the Cervelo P3C I’m trying to sell.
$2000 with a brand new set of Bontrager Race wheels (came with my SC).
$3000 if buy race wheel set - 60(Flashpoint - front)/80 (HED – rear with Wireless Cycle Ops Power Hub). Includes heart rate strap and computer.
No reasonable offer will be turned away.

From Josh Becksmith (

I have a brand new Sram Rival 172.5mm 50/34T 10spd 110BCD Powerglide compact crankset (Silver ring, black arms), Sram Rival rear Derailer (Black), and Bontrager Race Bullhorn 2014-T5 Alum handle bars . Came off 2011 Trek SC 7.2 I upgraded to Sram Force on the crank and derailer. All are new in box. Looking to get the following: Crankset (Retail $229)-$185, Derailleur (Retail $90)-$60, Bars-(Retail $69) $35

Links of interest –

Massage by Marjorie check it out at or call (904) 945-4540

Dr. Alvin Green If you are in need of Chiropractic care

110% Play Harder - check them out at !!!

That’s a wrap –

For the latest rants and raves – check out

If we miss, watch out for text messaging soccer moms, pickup trucks, grey Porsche 911’s, pellet shooting panel vans, Grannies racing for a Geritol sale and me and the Greek Freak attacking each other in a two person breakaway…we have no skills…no tactics…no problem…Big T is all gas…all the time…wait…do I really want to be behind him??? This should be fun :)

Take care,

Shawn Burke
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