Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ride this week 8/18/2011

Too Hot…too cold…too short…too long…this one I hope is “just right” :)

Bone had a great time at the party last was AWESOME!!!

So…on to the email…

The countdown continues:

1 to IM KY
1 to IM Canada
3 to IM Moo
3 to IM 70.3 World’s in Las Vegas
7 to Kona
10 to Ironman Florida


Congrats to all of you who braved the pre-race Shark Week Marathon on cable and raced on Saturday…seriously…the timing of that is crazy.

Congrats to the finishers in the Ocean Marathon - here is a link to all the results…

Special props to Blake Ehlers and Wil Friedman…these guys are FAST!!!

Blake not only swims but also does tri’s as well and Wil is the real deal swimmer…hey he had help…his mom is Kitzi and she is a GREAT swim coach!

One more special mention to the speedy Master’s swimmer, biker and runner Johnny White…dude slipped in at 1:02 for 3rd place overall…speed is in da HOUSE!!! Nice work Johnny!!!

Congrats to all!!!

Racing this weekend –

Good luck to anyone doing the Summer Beaches Run 5M…should be a great night and we’ll be there to cheer you on!!!

On to Training –

Saturday -

Long one this Saturday so starting on the trainer at 5am for 2H and then heading outside at 7:00am.

Trying to get in 6H and a t-run and be done by noon in time for lunch at the movies.

Heading from the house to Nocatee (we will be already warmed up so if you need an easy ½ hour…you might want to roll out early) as we will be “rolling” south 22-24 from the house.

Link up with the Lodge Ride at 8:45 in Nocatee and surf off the back of them until 9:45-10:00 and then one more loop through the Valley or Nocatee and then home by 11:15.

30 minute T-run and start recovery.

Throw on my 110% gear, grab an Ultragen, meds, food and hit the Spy Kids with Bone…

I hope they don’t check my backpack…last week I was loaded with Sandwiches, pretzels, Chips, Drinks…LOADED…but Christian and I are cool like that…I hope :)

Saturday late afternoon nap then ride bikes to watch the Summer Beaches Run with Bone and grab some dinner on the way home then bed.


Up at 5am and leaving the house at 6:00 for 20 miler…doing a 8 mile out and back.

Plan on stopping at Quality suites, Sean’s “free range” water stop and again at the Inn and Club. Same stops on the return.

Then 4 miles off the back at harder pace…home by 8:45.

Quick jump in the pool, throw on my 110% gear, grab an Ultragen, meds, food and nap…Retul fits starting at 11am.

Sunday night…chill with the family and friends for a nice Sunday dinner…(this time I am cooking :))

Menu is Summer Salad, Filet (Steak or Salmon) with Balsamic reduction served with oven roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Garlic, Potato Croquettes – hey I watched Bitchin’ Kitchen and it looked awesome

Movies –

Smurfs was actually really good…not as silly as I would have expected…Bone gave it 4 out of 5 stars!!!

Music –

Really worn out and overplayed my latest purchase…it is still excellent and that is after 20-30 times…

Food –

Been hearing GREAT reviews on Nippers…have not made it there yet…I will…but check out - reservations are pretty much needed for the weekends.

Tri Gear for the Tri Geek -

Recovery is a KEY component to being able to do hard sessions more frequently and yesterday was a tough session. After icing with 110% shorts, I used my CEP Clone Compression pants from JRC for 4-5H and my legs were not perfect this morning but really not bad either.

Check the CEP Clone and other compression gear from Jacksonville Running Company… …they are a certified Clone “fit” center.

Good Causes –

I am really digging the “bikes for Africa” charities and I would recommend this if you are looking for a place to donate some money…look here…it just makes sense.

There are quite a few of them but the idea is to give a bicycle as a means of transportation to a family…kids often walk 10 miles total to get back and forth to school a day.

These are not carbon fiber race bikes but instead 40 pound beasts that can survive the elements…

Many organizations exist and I support World Bike Relief but Spokes of Change is also very good.

Check out this information from Jo Shott and a deal that map my ride and Spokes of Change have going (from Jo)

Let's do this... from Aug 22-28th every mile we log into map my ride- $1 goes to Spokes of Change, a non-for profit that raises awareness of Community Health Workers in helping young mothers and children of Africa. By supporting this foundation it's providing health workers with essential medicines, bicycles, supplies and training to help communities across Africa move toward ENDING extreme poverty. I'm doing it! and

For Sale –

From Sean Crichton -
• Scott Spark 10 (full-carbon frame / full-suspension with lockout) - size large (fits from about 5'9" - 6'2")
o Fox F32 Front Suspension Fork (with lockout)
o Shimano XTR cranks, shifters, disc brakes, fr & rr derailleurs
o Bontrager Race-X-Lite Tubeless wheels
o Ritchey carbon seat post
o Bontrager Race-X-Lite Carbon bars
o Thomson Stem
o Crank Brothers Double Ti pedals
o Bike weighs around 22lbs.
• Pics are up at
• Price $2200 obo
• Contact Sean @

Links of interest –

Retul Fits work!!! Completely full for this weekend…Contact me at for the weekend of August 20,21 - they are expensive but really worth it!!!

Massage by Marjorie check it out at or call (904) 945-4540

Dr. Alvin Green If you are in need of Chiropractic care

110% Play Harder - check them out at !!!

That’s a wrap –

For the latest rants and raves – check out – new video and pix from the camp going up this weekend.

If we miss, watch out for text messaging soccer moms, pickup trucks, grey Porsche 911’s, pellet shooting panel vans, Grannies racing for a Geritol sale and Bone and I at the Jaguars game on Friday night…yes…Hercules…Football…no…I have no idea who they are playing and neither does Bone and we don’t care…we are there for the hotdogs and we are only staying until the 5th inning :)

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