Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 2

Another AWESOME day!!!

Woke up a little later and so did Bone.

Did the morning swim with JC (aka skinny camel - aka the white Kenyon) and Joey - Joey actually swam and JC stayed on my feet for 2K+.

At the swim start we saw Norman Stadler - wearing - of course - a speedo :)

Underwear run was this morning with all the pomp and circumstance :)

Saw another swimmer in a speedo and compression socks - don't understand that at all!!!

Did a great breakfast buffet here at the hotel and then on to adventures.

Went snorkeling with Drew and Bone and saw some really cool small reef fish.

Did a little lunch another walk through the expo to score some free bling - scored a T-shirt from Ford that I thought was appropriate :)

Opening dinner is tonight - going with Susan, JC and Joey, Drew and Bone.

I'll post any cool pix from that tomorrow.


1 comment:

run5k10k said...

thanks for the feet and photos! I might actually enjoy swimming if every day was like this!