Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 1


Woke up at 3:30am with Bone and he was wired - 6 hour time change didn't take :)

Drank some coffee - put together bike and watched Bone color a birthday card for the Noni who works at the front desk (they just met :)) but she dug it!

Swam 45 minutes on the course - awesome sights.

Rode 1:30 on the course and it was HOT and WINDY!!!

Went to the pool and chilled with Drew and Bone before lunch at Lava Java.

Registered and did a quick trip through the expo to see what was new...

Saw Mark Alenn, Macca, Huddle and Roch, Scott Rigsby, Sarah Reinertson, Jason Lester and a couple of TBB athletes that I recognized but didn't know their names.

Bone loves the shave ice so we stopped for that and then it was nap time.

30 minutes turned into 2:23 and I am finally feeling back to normal.

GREAT sunset run on Ali'i and then a quick shower and off to dinner with Susan Wallis, Bone and Drew at Kona Brewing Company - great eats and cool scene - thanks Kevin.

Bone and Drew almost made it through dinner but they crashed hard and are OUT!!!

I can't seem to stay healthy race week so I went to CVS for ear medicine and antibiotics - no more swimming 5 days in a row - got a big time swimmers ear and it has made me totally deaf in one ear...leg cut is also now nicely infected and really not feeling good when I ride or run - just a typical race week :)

That's all for today - Aloha

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