Monday, December 22, 2008

Thank ya...Thank ya very MUCH!!!

Being that it is the off season and time to “play” around…I wondered…

What does it feel like to train like a Cyclist?

Just ride and lift…that’s what I wanted to do and it was really fun.

The experiment came to an end yesterday and I promise to NEVER do this again.

Hercules wanted to “run” the Jacksonville ½ Marathon and asked me if I wanted to “run” it with him.


It’s only 13.1 miles and he said we would try and go around 1:45 and I thought, sure, it's Christmas time and I would enjoy a nice easy run with my friend.

Then the smack talk started...I ran my mouth a little and then next thing you know…


Elvis is in the house.
(Actually people were calling us Elvi...we think that is plural for Elvis’s.)

We ran REALLY slowly – apparently we did not calculate just how hot the suits were or how hard it was to run in them (DNF as Elvis - no way)...

We finished in just under 2 hours.

In the process – we shook a lot of hands – posed for a BUNCH of pictures (even while we ran)


and made every little kid smile – it was awesome!!!

OH yeah and I will never do this again!!!

Elvis? No that part was great…can't wait for next time :)

Trying to run 13.1 miles after not doing as much as a ¼ mile in the last 5 weeks was REALLY stupid.

My lesson is learned, my next off season has to include a few little runs to stay in form or I better stay on the coach cuz I am SORE today!!!

Congrats to Peter, Saswata, Tony, Michael, JC, Joey, Sween, Tyler, Joy, Vann, Wilson and the rest of the crew who ran – Great Job!!!

That’s all for now…Elvis is back on the coach :)

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