Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guten Morgen - Greetings from Deutschland.

This is my annual trip to the “inverted spa”…

I eat horribly…(this is really the menu)


don’t sleep enough…


and work for way too many hours…



and engage in absolutely 0% fitness – really nothing.

On past trips, I have been able to fit in 1 swim or a quick run but this trip – nothing.

It’s dark when we go to work and dark when we leave, but it’s only once a year and our hosts are fantastic so it’s (as they say) “Not Zuper Bad” :)

It’s been a while so I need to catch up on a few results:


Congrats to all those who did the Outback ½ Marathon on Thanksgiving. I would name everyone but the list is really too long. A special congrats to the Sinker (aka Dr. Saswata) for putting together a fantastic race from beginning to end…1:25 and change is a recent PR for him and he finished 5th in his AG – way to go. JC crushed it as usual with another top finish – way to go!!!

JC and Joy also raced in Savannah last weekend and had fantastic times and finishes – way to ladies!!!

The shaved legged tough guys are racing in the woods this time of year and Curtis (2nd), Clint, Karel (2nd) and Josh (4th) all had great results recently.




Look for more patchouli and podiums this weekend in Ocala.

What’s new?

This last year I have really begun to embrace the Chris Lieto philosophy of “putting it out there.” Maybe it’s the way he said it, but the idea of being accountable really appeals to me.


I have read and heard a lot lately about the mind being the single biggest limiter of performance and to me it really makes sense (Matt Fitzgerald – Brain Training for Runners).

When you combine these two concepts, I think you really have something. You put it out there, you believe it’s possible and you achieve those results.

Thirty years ago I was exposed to visualization techniques for the 1st time. Our swim team would lay on the pool deck prior to practice and our Coach (Paul Rudzitis) would have us picture our races. Our start, our stroke and our finish – all of these we imagined to be perfect. He would even visualize our times. We believed in it and it worked – back then and it still does now.

I used this recently and practiced this during all of my longer runs for Florida and I actually could see my finish time and I began to believe it was possible. I would actually imagine my watch reading the splits with different distances to finish. I believed so much that I could literally see the clock. I repeated this image over and over and the result and in the end – I was 2 minutes off…REALLY – 2 minutes.

You probably don’t need to put it out there (ala Lieto) in order to accomplish this but I really do think it helps. You say you can do it – you believe you can do it – you tell someone (or everyone) and then you are accountable.

Where is all this going?

Introducing the VMS Vault - here is your forum.


Starting today and for the rest of this year and next, we will have a Vault available for you. Send us your goal and we can lock it in the Vault so it’s out there and you will be locked in. If you prefer - we can put it in the safe deposit box and that box is only opened when you say.

Say you want a goal of Top 5 in your Age group at BFAST #1. Email us that and we will post it in the Vault for everyone to see – if you want it to be posted on a certain day (example 2 days before race) we will only post when you ask.

This is not a contest - you don’t pay taxes on it and there is no interest.

There are no withdrawals - this bank only takes deposits.

These goals are yours but by putting it out there – they can also be ours.

VMS Vault 1st Deposit: I want to end up in the Top 5 in Age Group in an Ironman Branded event in 2009 – SMB – 12_10_08

It’s out there...time for one more schnitzel and pommes – then it’s time to train.

Kia kaha

auf wiedersehen

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