Tuesday, April 1, 2008

T minus two weeks and counting...

…until Ironman Arizona.

The every 30 minute weather watch has race day temps with a high of 91 and a “real feel” of 95.

They call 91 “very warm” and they call 93 “hot”.

Please – be a little more creative.

91 – Feels like you are walking on a Caribbean Beach with the waves gently slapping against the shores. Someone offers you a Mojito with crushed ice and the glass is wet with sweat. A nice breeze rustles the palms tantalizing you with their intermittent shade.


That is 91.

93 – You are walking on the Sun in bare feet with sand in the crotch of your steel wool bathing suit…That is 93!!!

Any questions :)

OH yeah - “Real feel”?

Is that the “real feel” sitting on the park bench?

Is that “real feel” walking into Starbucks for an iced Latte?

Or…is that “real feel” on the gritty dirt path that is part of the run at 3:30 in the afternoon at mile 18…me stress – no never AAAARRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! :)

(In case you were wondering – yes I did calculate it out and yes – I do hope to be at mile 18 at 3:30 – I know – I know – Bad Howard – Bad Howard – Bad Howard :)

OH yeah – and if anyone else tells me it’s a dry heat I am going to duct tape them quiet – cover them in honey and fire ants and leave them in the Sauna at Brooks YMCA overnight.

Under their new YMCA management – the chances of them being found is about as likely as not having to get dressed for work while someone uses the last towel (where there used to be 100’s) to do a flash dancer dental floss routine on their butt crack 6” from your face.


Maybe one of the 100 people trying to get ready for work at 7:40am in 8’ x 10’ locker room will break into song – just bust a little “Y” “M” “C” “A” - to help the offending – one foot on the bench - one of the floor - freak - to keep his beat.

TOO MANY PEOPLE and this place is going down hill QUICK!!!

So what does it feel like to taper?


This picture which was created by our IT department after I spent yet another 4 hours trying to establish a VPN connection to sync my Outlook. When I called to tell them my Outlook was not working the told me to email them a help desk request...they are the best…

OK – I digress – please hold me and tell me it is going to be ok as I go to my happy place :)

Enough grumping – the good news is…we got results and they are GOOD ONES!!!

XTerra Miami was this weekend and dominating the dojo was none other than Sean “Matrix” Crichton…he was 2nd in the OVERALL and won his AG by over 6 minutes. Why Matrix? The dude must have gone all Chris Lieto ala Keanu Reeves through the woods as he had the fastest bike split on the day and out split Casey Fannin by over 6 minutes. Casey had to do a big time Mr. Smith on the run to take back the lead…


BIG congrats to Sean…this should be good enough to qualify him for xTerra Championships in Tahoe…look out for him at Gulf Coast.

On the West Coast – Velocity Triathlete Brian Gilbert put in a strong performance in Oceanside 70.3 and set himself up for a good run into Ironman CDA – enjoy the easy week – next week starts the iron-grind :)

That’s all for now – I need to take my med’s and get my hair transformed from it’s current state which is a ridiculous “flock of seagulls” euro mullet to something more aerodynamic…maybe I’ll do the Nike Go Fro…


Kia Kaha –

The Shawning aka Howard :)

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