Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So much to say – so little time :)

It’s not too often that I significantly overwhelm myself but the last 2 weeks seem to be a perfect example of how NOT to run your life. I keep added things to my plate until I am like the “large” man in Monte Python movie and the waiter says…”But sir…it’s a thin mint”.


Family, work, travel, training, racing, expo’s, email, bike fits, car dealers, blackberries that now only receive spam (you gotta love the IT department), work presentations and former cheerleaders turned customer service reps have led me to the point where I am JUST craving a night of zoning out in front of the TV – doing absolutely nothing. I have had a movie that I have wanted to watch for 2 weeks and can’t seem to find the time to do it - I know have Blockbuster's late fee policy tattooed on my forearm :)

But this - my BLOG ENTRY - this I something I really want to do - I WANTED to do last night – but I opted for much needed 6 hour of sleep as I was falling asleep typing.

Did I mention I am only doing 1 “real” coffee a day – no wonder I am not keeping up like I used to – Starbucks stock opened down 2 points this morning :)

Enough grumping – on with the show and WHAT A SHOW it was!!!

VMS is in DA HOUSE!!!!

The Patchouli boy Sean Crichton rocked the field in xTerra again as predicted – wins his AG and takes 5th in the overall. Also – as predicted, he took 4th in the MTB race the next day. He told me during the MTB race the lead pack kept together and they were calling him xTerra boy as they all could not believe he had raced the day before. 4th in the Overall on tired legs – dude – you’re fit!!!

The Lindner Capital Cyclists hit the start line at the Athens’s Twilight Crit Saturday night and judging by the files – OMG – that is NUTZ!!! The lowest speed I saw was 25mph and the most of it was at 32-35MPH. This is on a 1KM 4 corner course with over 100 guys. The power and speeds just to stay on are INSANE. 1000 watts in a corner per lap – I can hit 1000 once and then I hit the couch :) Congrats to Curtis, Jeff and Karel – you guys ROCK!!! Good luck with the rest of Speed week.

The tri geeks were in full on fantasy race mode this weekend at Saint Anthony’s Triathlon. First, the expo is a like a triathlon version of Target (my new favorite store) and you could check out all the latest go fast gear. If you didn’t want to spend money than you needed to leave your wallet at home – I did :).

There was come very cool new gear from Jaggad… www.jaggad.com – I have used their suits for a few years and they are great.

I also worked the RG Fizio booth with Steve Petitt and Billy Hart www.recovergear.com and we had some really good interest. Lots of AG er’s and also two more pros are “on-board”, Spencer Smith and Nina Kraft. We also just got some good press in the latest Triathlete Magazine (page 232 of June 2008 issue).


The RG booth was next to GenR8 - http://www.genr8speed.com/- and they had a lot of buzz – everyone was checking it out.

The pros in the transition area included Matt Reed (just qualified for the Olympic team), Greg Bennett (won 500K+ last year), Andy Potts (70.3 world champ), Faris Al Sultan (Ironman Hawaii Champ) and bunch more. It was cool to see so many big names in one place.

Mr. Vegas (Billy Hart) took my money in the tri-geek fantasy race – he had Matt Reed – I had Bennett - in my best Zoolander - Reed’s so hot right now :)


The race is a GREAT venue to go fast and test yourself a top notch field and we (VMS and friends) had some fantastic results. Billy, Steve, Susan W., Susan B, Aaron, Eric and the rest of the crew from JAX really stepped it up - lots of bling and PR’s.

Next up for the tri-geeks is the BFAS and Florida 70.3 in 3 weeks.

A couple of misc notes:

Check out Chris Lieto’s site and blog www.chrislieto.com and click the link for the Green Athlete – he is moving the sport in a great direction – Chris will be racing this weekend in Wildflower – predictions – he will dominate the dojo – 1st overall.

Hey Billy – where’s your wallet? :)

Check out Alan Couzen’s blog on Stotans http://alancouzens.blogspot.com/ - best reason I have read lately explaining why we do what we do.

And from my midget running coach without a license – best slam of the day:

Me: “My race was ok - I had trouble sleeping again the night before the race – I only got in two hours sleep.”

Midget: “Dude - I checked your splits and it looks like you took a nap on the bike - no wonder you felt good on the run”

Nice Friends!!!

Kia Kaha!!!

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