Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wow – our 1st Blog post :)

This blog is a new addition for us and thanks to some great work by our resident computer geek – this looks really cool – no that’s not me :)

I know that we have an RSS feed – whatever that is :)

So – were do we begin…let’s catch up with some results…

The cycling season started again and the guys are doing really well.

VMS is helping to sponsor Lindner Capital Racing Team and we are really stoked to be associated with them.

The Space Coast TT was last weekend and Jeff Kopp took 3rd in the Pro 1,2 and Curtis Long took 4th. Jeff and Curtis both had power PR’s for that distance and the off season work is REALLY showing.

Sean Crichton smacked the TT on a road bike taking 6th in the CAT IV – this is after a full week of riding, running and swimming. Sean is a top level mountain biking who will be shooting for xTerra Nationals and some longer distance tri’s this year. Most mountain biker’s smell like patchouli and bong water but this guys not your standard Len Tuckwilla driftwood sculptor – he has got a great engine for whatever he decides to focus on.

The Team Florida Time Trial was held on Saturday 2/8/08 and Lindner Capital guys rolled in for a 9th, 10th and 11th in the Pro 1,2. Below Jeff is warming up to set another power PR...

James Sweeney showed that that running and swimming doesn’t hold him back as he outpaced Curtis and Jeff for the local bragging rights. Sweeney is prepping for Ironman Arizona in April and will definitely surprise a bunch of people with his speed. Check out his blog at

(late correction - the race results have been updated and Curtis Long moved to 9th and is the local champ for the next week.)

Travis Gibbon picked up a 5th in the CAT III and was 11 seconds from 3rd place on a borrowed bike and borrowed wheels. Imagine if he owned his own gear :)
Dude - stay out of Pete’s and you get your 11 seconds :)

Sunday was the Team Florida Crit and Jeff Kopp sat on the front and just crushed it for the team. Curtis finished in 11th for the Lindner squad. Travis was in 2nd going into the final turn but got swallowed up in a field sprint and finish 12th.

Overall – the cyclists are firing and all their hard work from the winter is showing.

Chris Lieto

I’ll close this with a quick take on Chris Lieto’s presentation at Trek Store Jacksonville last week. Chris spoke to a packed house and I think everyone in attendance felt like they learned something from him and enjoyed the food – Native Sun Rocks!!! Chris is completely approachable and I am sure I challenged his patience with my Curious George geek questions.

For me, the coolest moment was when he asked us all to tell the person standing next to us our goal. I turned to Rich and said “I want to run 3:20 off the bike in Arizona”…then I realized - holy sh!t – I just said it outload. It was cool and intimidating all at once. If I was really committed to this and failed and no one knows – I don’t have any explaining to do…now that it’s out there – I am held accountable…I really dig this concept…telling someone your goal – there is no hiding.

So – there it is – 3:20 (ok 3:20 something :)) off the bike in IM Arizona in 8 weeks.

I am now focused and I put it out there and I am resolved…

If I start to fade during my training runs – all I have to do is visualize the finish line and the 3:20 split and kicking the guys a$$ who is trying to beat me…

This guy actually thought he had me – I own the chute :)

Good Luck to all those doing Donna (ok -that sounds bad) or the half this weekend...Kellie, Eric, Saswata, Tony, Billy et al...

If you are by the expo this weekend - Check out the Recover Gear at 1st place sports. This is a really cool product invented by a VERY fast local triathlete, Steve Petitt. He was looking for a better way to recover from racing and training and he found it. Combining compression and ice which are a mainstay recommendation for healing - this product definitely helps with recovery. The product is being endorsed by Brian Fleischmann and Heather Golnick - - more to come on that in another post.

Kia Kaha - Shawn

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