Sunday, February 24, 2008

Two Lefts don't make a right :)

“3:45am wake up call – what the hell was I thinking?”

The only thing that made this bearable is the Emeril’s in room coffee – this rocks!!!

How do you close out a fantastic week of weather, training, friendship and great food in Tucson?…………..MORE FOOD!!!

OK – it is official – we are in Ironman Training – “YES – the left side of the menu looks really good to me :)”

As I am writing this I have just set a new Delta record for the most Biscotti cookies consumed during 1 flight – 8 packs – no kidding – I thought they were serving breakfast – I was wrong :)

Saswata and I have been laughing all morning about this…last night at dinner the waiter asks us if we want to see a dessert menu – of course we do - we say…

Tony – says “No – can you just bring me another mixed green salad?”

The waiter, Saswata and I start laughing as we are sure he is joking.

The funniest part – he is serious.

We are eating bread pudding and drinking coffee and Tony is chowing down his 2nd mixed green salad…the dude kills me.

As for our training on our last day – the ride was fantastic…Gates Pass and Saguaro National Park – awesome views – great scenery and a climb that is 15% for ½ mile at the end.

In what can only be called the WORST CASE of navigational disassociation I have ever witnessed – Tony got lost twice yesterday on a circular loop with only 4 left turns.

If you trying to figure out how…so are we…there are 4 lefts and he missed 2 of them.

They are clearly marked – big brown road signs on 3 out of 4 of them you can’t miss or apparently…you can.

Once he blows through the turn (of course – he is way in front) – we start yelling and chasing HARD. He is SUCH a hammer on the bike that we seriously couldn’t catch him even working together. We are screaming – TONY – TONY – 3 miles later he stops to pee and we finally catch him or he would have ended up in Mexico – NOT DOUBT!!!

The second time he was about 1-2 minutes behind us descending – Tony loves to climb but to descend – not so much…(Jeff – he needs new brake pads:)). Saswata and I think he really does climb faster than he descends…

So we are waiting at the bottom – standing in the turn so he doesn’t miss us and he blows right by us and we start yelling and screaming…again we are chasing him down – 2 miles this time until he finally answers his cell phone with “where are you guys?”

Later he explains – “I was in the zone man”

Both times we had to climb into a head wind to get back on course.



LEEEEEFFFFFFTTTT” sounds different at his speeds.

Grand totals for the week – 21.5 for me…25+ for Tony…20 something for Saswata with 35 miles of running, 12000 yards in the pool and 215 on the bike with around 60% of that climbing at 4-6% grade and one totally trashed mini-van - It was a BIG WEEK!!!

Next year we are looking at San Diego for the same week…Tucson is fantastic but San Diego is the home of all tri-geeks.

On a different note - A lot of racing going on this weekend with the Lindner Capital Team – updates on those guys once the results are in.

That’s all for now – I think it’s lunch time :)

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