Monday, July 13, 2009

Anz strikes back :)

Guest Post...

You may want to warn your people about my experience and it is OK to put on your blog as a guest if you feel it will help.

As you know the week before training started I told Anzhelika that she needed to be on board and i will not be cool with her not understanding the time and energy it takes to train. There had been some issues and since she was out of town the first 6 months she is yet to experience it.

So, It all started with her 5am pep talk while i swear she was still sleeping. She would say "you can do it, i am proud of you" I don't think she even opened her eyes. A few more days go by and now with the 5am alarm it was "honey, you can do it, don't you need to swim or something?" A couple of days ago the 5am alarm was also coupled with "get the hell out of bed! go work out and turn that dam thing off!!!"

Today, after a 4 hour ride i see her as i am headed out the door for my T 30 minuet run. Anzhelika glances up from the lap top and asked how long will i be" I tell her 30 minuets, she move her eye back to the screen and i go. As i walk back up to the door after my run she has a puzzled look on her face. "Back so soon?" i say "yes well ya, i am done". She answers, " well that was quick" I say "it is hot and i did my 30" She replays " No, you only did 28!!"

Next week i am sure at 5am she will be standing over me banging on pots wearing a yellow sweat suit yelling "i am the assistant coach get the hell out of bed" while she hits me with a spatula as i run.

A word to the wise. Be firm but choose your words to your spouse carefully!!

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3 coconuts said...

OK this post was wierd, but this is more a general comment. Love reading the blogs, and I now realize how much work goes into these. Also realize how much info (educational, entertainment, experience) blog creepers like me get from your efforts. I learn alot from your successes and your failures, I've been entertained and inspired. Thanks for going to the trouble.