Friday, May 1, 2009

et tu Drew?

It has been awhile and that means LOTS of results.

There is no way I can include them all – I would run out of room.

Just a few quick ones...

The shaved leg tough guys have been racing hard for the past few months and reaping the rewards of all their hard work. Karel, Clint, Curtis, Jeff, Rad, Will, Michael and Jim put in LOTS of miles and spend hours doing intervals. Racing usually means driving 3-4 hours each way to race for 60-80 minutes and often just finishing is considered a HUGE deal.

In another life, with a younger body and a longer inseam, I would have liked to do this more seriously but I don’t think even I am sick enough to do all this work day in and day out…the work these guys do always impresses me and their results are awesome – congrats!!!

Here are a few very cool pixs from Athens and Roswell – thanks to Marni (Karel’s wife, VMS tough girl and IM triathlete)

The tri-geeks have had no shortage of success either. The season is just getting started for some and actually finishing up quickly for me and few other late fall guys. Shutting it down early in the summer tends to keep me more sane – ok – somewhat sane? :) and allows for a 2nd season of longer distance. It sounds crazy but my season is over in 4 weeks and I think there is still snow in Colorado :)

Results - Congrats to JC, Kerry, and James for the 2nd, 2nd, and 4th – way to go.

Peter Litsky (New VMS client, neighbor, friend, if you’re still confused – he is Kava’s boyfriend Oscar’s dad :) and my new recipe taste tester:)) just crushed his 1st marathon in Nashville running a 3:17 and is going to smoke Florida 70.3…full Monte next year – slippery slope greased and waiting :)

Coming up in the next few weeks – Miami, St. Croix, Gulf Coast, BFAS, Florida 70.3 and Rock and Roll man.

Who did I miss?

How could I forget – ahhhhhh – the fast guy – B Hart…I have your $2.00 :)

Billy smoked me at the River Run and again in St. Anthony’s.

It is amazing to me how many people he had to thank after the race for giving him splits.

“Shawn is 1:53 up”

“Shawn is 1:04 up”

“Shawn is right up the road – go get HIM!!!”

Hey – wait a minute – that was ANDI!!!


He said thanks to her after the race and I said – for what?

He said – she was cheering for me…

OUCH – et too Drew?

I actually yelled to him at the run turn around “Come on Billy – you can catch me” and then thought – oh sh!t – he is REALLY going too – I dropped the gears and churned out a sub 6 final mile but he still took me by a minute.

Way to go man!!! You need to buy your spotter something nice - she likes Carbon Fiber in size 56 :)

That’s all for this edition – more next week after Sween crushes the BEAST – Kia Kaha!!!

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