Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cue the awards music…

Ladies and Gentlemen – from Jacksonville, Florida…the VMS Crew :)

I don’t know if have room to write all of the results…

Let’s start with the tough guys...

Jeff, Sween, Curtis and Karel went to Albany Georgia 2 weeks ago for 3 races in 2 days – a TT, a crit and a road race.

albany race weekend 121

In the TT, Jeff was 4th, Curtis 6th, Sween 16th and Karel 23rd.


In the Crit, Karel was 5th, Jeff 9th , Sween 11th and Curtis had Lead duties to the sprinters and they came up 2nd and 4th.

albany race weekend 141

Because the 3 races where part of an overall “stage” race – the cumulative time put Jeff in 9th Overall and Sween in 15th - congrats guys.

If you’re a Time Trial Specialist there are only a few “real” races locally…

OK – maybe not so local unless you consider a 3 ½ hour drive local :)


Jeff loaded up the sled and sped southwest to Squiggy and blasted a 28.3MPH average speed for a 4th place finish in the Pro 1,2 – congrats man!!!


Apparently the only thing faster than your TT is the driving…Sheriff Buford T Pusser is looking for you :)

The long haired patchouli hippies have a new rider in their ranks and he is fast – Congrats to clean cut VMS Hippie - Radulian Pop for the 6th place finish in Gainesville – way to go man – time to grow the dreads out!!!

This weekend there are 2 races in Tampa – a crit on Saturday and a circuit race on Sunday.

VMS has a BUNCH of people racing - new addition Mike Bowen, Velobrew, Cat V, will be on the course on Saturday and Sunday.

Also look for St. Pete, Clearwater local Will Larson back from a broken “wheel” and rehab and absolutely firing in training – good luck Will.

Curtis, Jeff and Karel will be on hand for the Pro 1, 2…it should be a GREAT venue and very fun to watch – Kia Kaha!!!


There are 12,903 people (allegedly:)) who finished the Gate River Run and I have no doubt I will pi$$ off someone by missing their name or time so I apologize as it is not intentional…special Congrats to Saswata (Dr. Run too Fasta) and B. Hart – you guys earned that one – 180HR and a 5:10 pace for the last ½ mile – I have NOT gone that hard in a LONG TIME or maybe EVER and still couldn’t close…

river run

Here is a “partial list” of Finishers and Times:

Greg Carr 52:00
Danny Domingo 53:25
Walter Campbell (He only runs like once a month – damn – I wish I was that fast) 56:58
Kerry Mowlam 58:15
Lyndon Box 58:55
Joey Pinto 57:56
JC (she is injured and still smacks us all) 58:19
Andy Woods 59:03
Billy Hart 59:43
Saswata Roy 59:45
Shawn Burke (hey – that’s me and yes Saswata and Billy both beat me in the chute) 59:51
Paulie “fitness” Wilson 1:01:05
James Sweeney 1:01:21
Peter Litsky 1:01:54
Tony Maniatis 1:01:55
Mike Smirnoff 1:01:56
Kelly Smirnoff 1:02:37
Sean Crichton 1:03:06
Michael Mohseni 1:03:34
Joy Murphy 1:05:00
Will Taylor 1:08:07
Marni Rakes 1:08:55
Pete Loftis 1:10:56
George Joseph 1:26:42
Susan Wallis 1:28:20

ONLY once a year do I do an all out running race and I never feel good until it’s over – tri’s are way easier…


So that the RRR – R cubed - River Run Recap… until next year - only 362 days – I can’t wait!

Until then Saswata I am your BEAAACHHHE :)

As usual – stop reading here unless you REALLY have nothing better to do…if you read on – the time you lose is your own :)

My spring training is starting to get pretty heavy and that also means it’s time for “race sim” workouts…ah….I get queasy just thinking about them.

This morning was my 1st of these and it was a dozy.

I had a 3 hour descending ride on the trainer (an Alan Special…this text is actually from an email he sent me – “Mwahaha (coach's evil laugh :-)” probably why I like him)…

Anyway – it is a descending workout which for me means go harder every hour…

1 hour at 210-230 watts, 1 hour at 230-250 watts and the last hour at 250-270 and a t-run off the back.

These can be so hard both physically and mentally that it makes racing seem easier.


We train with power and there is no hiding – you can’t “fake” it…you just press the pedals until the numbers move in the right direction.

The are also no excuses…do the workout…produce the file…or show him the bucket...and it better be full :)

With the pain cave all set up last night and a movie picked out…Rock and gotta have a guy flick for these.

No Terms of Endearment or Bridges of Madison County BS – it must have violence and good sound track…this had both.

Up at 4am – coffee – emails - more coffee – more emails – Twitter update just to make sure I didn’t quit I wrote it on the board…

Take care of bid-ness…bottles filled…gels picked out….5:15am…time to go.

From the very beginning I was struggling a LOT!!!

My problem was due to overheating and my ceiling fan broke in the "pain cave" - I figured it would be "ok" without it...WRONG!!!


It got hotter than 2004 Gulf Coast Run course at 5:45am and I was only 30 minutes into it and I was sweating all over the place.

At just over an hour I was toasted and ready to pack it in but I thought about the twitter post and pedaled on!!!

My sons finally got up for school at 6:15am and I asked him to turn on the A/C (they looked at me like I had 2 heads but did it) and Shane set it at 60 degrees and opened both the doors.

I went from a PE of 7-8 to a 4 every time the breeze would blow through the house - it made it almost bearable for second hour.

Finally at 2:00 into the ride I cooled off ala Floyd Landis Style (I had to apologize later to Andi for the mess I left her to clean up) I dumped a full bottle over my head and it resulted in making a small swimming pool in the cave :)

I felt normal again and was able to hang on for hour 3 (NP 250) - actually felt better the last hour than either of the previous 2.

To show you how much heat management plays a role in HR - my power went up 40 watts from hour 1 to hour 3 and my HR only went up 6 beats as I was able to keep cool during hour 3...


In total - I drenched two full towels and lost 5 pounds total while taking in 8 x 20oz bottles (ok maybe one was over my head :))


Normalized power of 226 including the warmup with just under 200TSS and 2371kJ (before the run).

"1st Rack Session" of the season is in the books and I am GLAD it is over...

The good news - my timing was INCREDIBLE and I finished the bike portion at 8:25am and at 8:28am I was headed out on my T-run with C-Bone...

He rides his bike to school...I jogged along and walked him into class smelling absolutely AWFUL :)

I love it when a plan comes together :)

Speaking of plans...I am shopping for a ride and I have all over the internet and local stores to see the latest bike “bling”…

These two really look great…


This is a “one of a kind” REALLY as the rear wheel has a PowerTap in it and those are not on the market yet…very frosty…Trek Stores of Jacksonville.


I wish I could claim this but it’s not my Photoshop handy work…someone else has a good sense of humor…

It may be the fastest bike in the galaxy but hey – looking cool counts too…

BTW - Unless it is the 70’s…which it’s not…

Unless you are over 6’6” …which I am not…

Unless you play for the Sixers…and have a BIG fro…no on both counts…

Over the calf socks and short shorts are just WRONG :)

Looking cool counts…and I won’t be in a Mankini and no compression socks either :)

That's all for this week - Kia Kaha and if you can' least look cool...I was styling as Saswata blew by me :)

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