Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The 1st of 2009 – blogs that is…

It’s the 14th of January and I am finally caught up enough to write this entry.

Work has been keeping me VERY busy with our fiscal year end and a National Sales Meeting which I am responsible for. Being busy is good for me and working actually makes me happy. Seriously, unlike a lot of people I know, I really dig what I do for a living…simply put…I LOVE my job. Sure, there are times over the past 15 years when I have not liked it but it is probably less than 10 times.

I am extremely lucky to work in an industry that has been barely touched by the current financial turmoil and we are still having record years and celebrating them.

Besides that, we get to do some good for people and in a corny kinda way – I think that’s cool…

More on this later next week…

Results and Raves

JC is simply incredible!!!

She really makes me wonder what she can become…This past weekend she raced at the Disney Marathon. She was 4th. No…NOT IN HER AGE GROUP…4th Female Overall!!!!

Clock Time 2:56:16
Chip Time 2:56:05
Overall Place 55 / 14940
Gender Place 4 / 7139
Division Place 1 / 1166
Age Grade 77%
5 Mile 33:54
10 Mile 1:07:44
Half Split 1:28:13
20 Mile 2:13:21

Check out her splits – they are NEGATIVE. Simply incredible race…she is back to the 3 sport routine in a few weeks so watch out – she is going to CRUSH it this year.


This is the current Disney Sports page and that is our cheeka in the middle – don’t forget the little people – (no midget – I don’t mean you :))


Base Challenge

Coming into December I wanted to do something to create some motivation and competition amongst the cyclists. Base season can be hard if you are training by yourself and with everyone working and the Holidays, training can be hard. I wrote a plan and posted it.

VMS Clients

The idea was to do 30 days of cycling and the winner would be the one who stuck to the plan. It started and ended with a power test and included intervals, hill climbs, long slow days, easy spins, rest days, strength and even Yoga. You could ride extra hours on the weekend to log more time but in order to get “full credit” you had to do the workout on the prescribed day. The winner would be the one with the highest points.

Yes, there was also a little smack talk but I couldn’t back that up so let’s move on…yes Kerry…I am your beeeeeeeaccccchhhhhhh :)

There were 7 of us that started and 6 finished. After almost 3 weeks of not missing a single workout, Will Larson from Tampa was hit by a car that ran a stop sign on a “rails to trails” style path where he was doing an easy spin. The brunt of the impact was to his ankle and he will recover but has to stay off the bike for a few more weeks. We wish him a speedy recover.

There were two rankings – GC (training plan) and PowerMan (power to weight ratio).

The PowerMan winner was Karel Sumbal who went from 290 to 295 watts and dropped 3 pounds in the process giving him a power to weight ratio of 4.57 which is GREAT!!! Congrats Karel – these sessions will make a BIG difference in the final 5 minutes on race day.

In the GC race, the overall leader was not decided until the final week.

It was close…really close and REALLY wasn’t close at all :)

Curtis decided that he wanted to win and logged a ridiculous amount of hours and miles. His monthly hours were over 80 hours with 1470 miles on the bike and 292 of those in the last 5 days.

I think we all got a lot out of this and set the foundation for a great year. Congrats to Jeff (Highest wattage), Kerry for kicking my a$$ (see note above), Will for not missing a day and even getting in some Yoga.

The overall winner, Curtis, even scored some bling from Chris Lieto’s Base Performance Company. (Hey the contest was called Base challenge…I figured it was a good tie in and besides I dig his products so I asked – can’t hurt to ask :))


Chris is an incredible athlete, speaker and an absolute guru when it comes to nutrition and performance.

His products REALLY make sense and I dig the balance of east / west and Green philosophy that he has created in the line. If you have not tried it…you should…and thanks for the bling Chris…


That’s a wrap for now – off to bed and then on the treadmill in the morning…off season is over – Kerry is kickin’ my butt on the bike, on the run and in the pool…time for some double double top secret animal style training…

Hey Kerry ever had an In and Out burger…they are low fat and really GOOD for ya – wanna bite? :)


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