Monday, March 17, 2008

Racing, Racing and more racing :)

It is really early in the season and already the Velocity crew is posting some fantastic results.

First, the cyclists. Curtis and Jeff and the Lindner Capital crew are raking in top results among a top field. Two weeks ago in Albany in the Georgia Cup, Curtis took a 2nd place podium spot in the Criterium race. (Francis - check out the dude’s quads – you are no longer Quadzilla :) - you better get back to the gym and start squatting :)



This past weekend was Perry Roubaix in Perry Georgia which is named this for a portion of the race resembles the famous Paris Roubaix race with a hard packed dirt section. Jeff Kopp took 12th in the TT out of the Pro 1, 2 riders. Curtis Long backed that up later in the day with a strong performance in the circuit race getting in a break that stayed away and lapped the field. In the sprint, Curtis took 5th.

For an outsider to cycling, it is hard to judge how impressive these finishers are or how competitive the fields are. Racing in these events where the guys who literally next week will be on a plane to race in Europe. This is a top notch field and top results from Jeff and Curtis – congrats guys.

In the I smell patchouli land of Mountain biking – fitness is still king. Sean Crichton has been putting in the miles on the bike (both mountain and road) and it showed this weekend. He placed 4th this weekend SE regional MTB race in Gainesville and 4th in the 12 hour in the Pro/Expert Team race a few weeks ago. This guy swims and runs as well so he is going to tear up xTerra Miami at the end of the month and in Panama City for the ½ Ironman in May – congrats Sean and good luck later this month.

The River Run was a suffer-fest for all who ran as the winds just killed the bridges. 25-40MPH winds produced what was at least 3’-4’ surf in San Marco – crazy. Great performances were still possible and Kellie Smirnoff took 2nd in her AG. Finishing strong were Saswata Roy (with a PR), Billy Hart, David Mariotti, Steve Petitt, Susan Wallis. New additions to Velocity crew (you don’t want to have to see these guys at work  ) are 3 ER doctors from Mayo and St. Lukes…Michael Mohseni, Steve Goodfriend and Tyler Vadeboncoeur…these guys went 1:05 each and Tyler hit is HARD and finished in 58:51. These guys are training for Florida 70.3 so look for them in the pool and on the road.



Speaking of the Trifection – the 1st “major” race of the season was the Miami International Triathlon this weekend in Miami. There were 6 local athletes to make the trek south and all came home with “bling”. Top finisher and dominating the dojo was Steve Petitt with a AG win and finishing in 35th overall. Terri Derkum won her AG with Sue Briers right behind her for 2nd. Kellie took 2nd in her AG and Billy took 3rd…it was really cool to have everyone score something in a REALLY competitive field and we went all poser style for the “show me the money” finish line photo :)

Miami International Tri 08 007

If you are looking for a cool venue and good organization – these guys put on a good race. OH – almost forgot…in attendance were Chris Lieto and Brian Fleishmann who finished 3rd and 4th overall scoring some of the $30K prize money. Brian had the fastest run on the day and Chris smacked the bike course with a 27+ MPH average on a course that had 8 x 180 degree turns and 4 times over the Rickenbacher causeway…that dude can ride!!!

That’s all for now…if I missed anyone – I’m sorry but please let me know so I don’t forget again…more racing coming up soon with tri season getting up to speed and cycling hitting a peak next month the Jacksonville Cycling Classic…like the PGA says – check it out – these guys are good :)

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Terri said...

We have been remiss in not mentioning Susan Haag who always turns out a stellar performance!! I don't know what happened to her when we were all stupid silly with our hardware. Last I saw of her she was eating a load of plantains in the shade! Go Haag.